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A Checklist for Using PropStream’s Real Estate Data Platform

Getting Started with the PropStream 7-Day Free Trial

Welcome to the PropStream community! We’re excited to assist you on your journey to find motivated real estate leads so you can grow your real estate business.

Here’s Your Guide To Getting Started

While you’re eager to get started, you’ll find it helpful to take some time to get familiar with the PropStream ecosystem so you can get the most out of your free trial. After all, the goal of the 7-day free trial is to try out PropStream and see all the ways it can support your professional goals!

Step 1 - Get Started

Step 1: Get a Bird’s Eye View of PropStream and PropStream Resources

We offer a variety of resources to help you become comfortable with PropStream’s many features, including…

Step 1
PropStream Academy

Step 2: Deep Dive into PropStream’s Features and Functions with PropStream Academy

Once you get the login credentials for PropStream Academy, you’ll have access to a variety of free courses covering different PropStream functions. For a little more help, tune in to one of our Live Webinars (view the webinar schedule here)!

Step 2
Step 4 - Review the list

Step 4: Review Your List of Targeted Properties

  • Navigate to the “My Properties” tab and select the list you’ve saved
  • Review the properties you want to work with and save them as your favorites (Do this by selecting the checkbox next to the properties, selecting “Action” and then clicking “Add to Favorites” from the dropdown menu)
Step 4
Step 5 - Skip trace your list

Step 5: Skip Trace the Owners of Your Saved Properties

  • Skip tracing only costs 12¢ per contact and can return any phone numbers and emails associated with the owner (you will only be charged for the skip traces that return contact information, AKA, “successful” skip traces)
  • Each contact that you skip trace will be automatically scrubbed and flagged if the person is on the DNC (Do Not Call) List 
  • Skip tracing only takes a few minutes and the contacts are available immediately after the service is finished (Watch this Skip Tracing Video)
  • Once you’ve gathered the necessary emails, email campaigns can be developed right on PropStream by clicking the “Campaigns” tab

Tip: To keep track of leads in your own system, download your list by selecting properties on a list in your “My Properties” section and pressing the “Export” button.

Step 5
Step 6 - Generate marketing materials

Step 6: Send Postcards to Contacts

  • Now that you have the contact information for your leads, PropStream makes it quick and convenient to send a postcard directly on the platform (View this video on how to start your campaign)
  • Get postcards as low as 48¢ with List Automator! There are many designs to choose from (or upload your own design) so you can create your postcard on PropStream before sending it to the desired contacts (postcards typically take two weeks to be delivered via USPS)

Tip: You can make postcards on PropStream with contacts you’ve collected yourself or contacts received through skip tracing! Use one of our templates or start with a blank postcard.

Step 6
Step 7 - Get the PropStream Mobile app

Step 7: Download the Mobile App and Drive for Dollars

  • PropStream’s mobile app will help you Drive for Dollars by automatically identifying potential opportunities when driving in your target neighborhood. 
  • Download our mobile app in the Apple or Google Play stores.

If you’d like to learn more about Driving for Dollars, join our Live Webinar every Friday. Or, take the Drive for Dollars with the PropStream Mobile App course in the Academy.

Step 7
Step 8 - Activate the full license

Step 8: Activate your Subscription

Now that you’ve explored PropStream and all its features, move on to a full subscription!

To get started, Go to “Settings” on the left-hand side navigation bar and follow the prompts at the top right side of the screen to activate your account. Or, call our customer support team toll-free at (877) 204-9040 to get started.

Step 8