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Lenders and Loan Originators

Find Client Leads as a Private, Traditional, or Hard Money Lender.
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Use Real Estate Data to Target Homeowners Who Need Loan Services

The finance industry is competitive.

To get to potential clients before the competition, you need to find homeowners needing financing or refinancing help based on their borrowing history. PropStream has the datasets and filtering capabilities you need to find these homeowners in just minutes.

Use PropStream to find:

Owners With Multiple Mortgages

If someone has multiple open mortgages for one property, they may be paying a higher interest rate. This is a prime client lead for a lender because this homeowner may be ready to consolidate their loans into one and refinance for a lower interest rate.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Within the Adjustable Period

As interest rates increase, those with adjustable rates may want to lock in a set rate/payment each month. Target these homeowners and you may find your next client looking to switch to a fixed rate.
adjustable rate mortgage

Owner-Occupied Properties Currently Listed on the MLS

Owner Occupied Properties
If a homeowner is selling their property, it’s only a matter of time until they need to take out a loan for a new property. Target them before they’ve even started searching for their new loan provider.

Homeowners With High Interest Rates

If a homeowner has a fixed interest rate percentage that’s higher than current interest rates, they may want to refinance for a lower rate.

Homeowners With a Loan Specific to Your Lending Niche

If there are certain loan types you specialize in offering to borrowers, you can narrow down your pool of potential client leads by only searching for homeowners with a history of using those loans.

Owners Who Paid Off a Property

Without a mortgage, homeowners may have more room to finance larger renovations or take out a Home Equity Loan for a personal expense like a car or vacation. If a landlord has paid off a property, they may be ready to take on a new one.
Paid off property

Buyers Who Financed a Property in the Past

Cash buyers are unlikely to finance if they have the capital to do cash transactions, so you may find it helpful to target buyers with a financing history. Also, buyers who currently owe on their mortgage (or mortgages) may be interested in converting from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate before interest rates rise again. 

Tip: PropStream offers mortgage and loan data to help you find quality leads. Check out this blog post to learn more about our mortgage and loan data!

Buy and Hold Investors

Buy and hold investors may need funding to finance a new rental property or to pay for renovations. Additionally, a buy and hold investor may want to refinance if interest rates are lower. Or, they may want to lock in a fixed interest rate if they currently have an adjustable rate.
Buy and Hold Investors


Fix and Flippers

Flippers are always on the hunt for a new project and may need a fix and flip loan to purchase a property and afford renovations.

Tip: Build quality relationships with flippers, and you could be their go-to lender for each project and the lender they recommend to peers!

Mortgage Loan and Interest Rate Filters to Help You Target Your Search


Don’t look for a needle in a haystack.

Our advanced filtering capabilities allow you to use mortgage loan and interest rate data to find the most qualified client leads.

Marketing Tools to Help You Save Client Lead Lists and Reach Out in One Location

With PropStream, you can do it all in one location and work smarter, not harder. There’s no need for multiple systems or several subscriptions.

Here are some of the intuitive marketing tools we offer:

Marketing Lists

Note: Some of our marketing tools are add-ons. To learn more about the pricing for add-on tools, visit our Pricing Page.

As you narrow down the hottest client leads, you need to store them in a place you can easily find when it’s time to reach out.

Here are some perks of using PropStream to create marketing lists:

  • Each full PropStream membership comes with 10,000 free saves, AKA 10,000 free leads (you can purchase additional saves or upgrade your membership for more).
  • You can create several marketing lists, making it easy to organize your leads by the type of loan services they may need.
  • Your lists can be easily found within your “My Properties” tab on the web application.
  • You can save leads on the go with the mobile application under the “Favorites” tab.
Tip: Add List Automator to stay on top of leads that match your search criteria!

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the process of collecting contact information for a specific person/group of people.

Here are some perks of using PropStream for skip tracing:

  • Each new skip trace is automatically scrubbed to determine whether the contact is on the DNC (Do Not Call) List.
  • Each skip trace can return up to four results per category (ex: four emails, four phone numbers).
  • Information obtained is organized in order from most to least relevant.
  • You’re only charged for skip traces that return results. No hit? No charge!
  • Skip tracing takes only a few minutes.

Postcard Marketing

Save yourself a trip to the post office. Send postcards directly through PropStream!

Here are some perks of using PropStream’s postcard marketing service:

  • We offer a huge variety of professionally-designed templates for you to choose from.
  • You have the option to create your own postcard.
  • Send postcards to as few or as many contacts as you’d like.
  • We offer two size options: 4.25”x6” or 5.5”x8.5”.

Email Marketing

In addition to sending postcards within the software, you can even start your own email campaign with PropStream.

Here are some perks of using PropStream’s email marketing service:

  • You can market to individual lists, sending email blasts intentionally to a specific group of leads.
  • You can track the click-through rates on your emails.
  • Email templates can be saved to reuse in the future.
  • You can send emails immediately or schedule to send them in the future.

Attend a Live Webinar For an In-Depth Explanation of Individual PropStream Features

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PropStream Webinars

Customer Support to Guide You Through Your Propstream-Related Questions

Customer support PropStream

Stuck on a specific PropStream feature? 

Our knowledgeable Customer Support Team would be happy to answer your questions!

  • Call us toll-free: (877) 204-9040
  • Send us an email: support@propstream.com
  • Start a Live Chat in the PropStream application

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