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With PropStream's Calculators

In a market with high interest rates, low property availability, and America's growing population, PropStream introduces two calculators for real estate success: The ADU Calculator and Rehab Calculator. These easy-to-use features are your key to staying ahead in the challenging real estate landscape.

PropStream’s ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Calculator

PropStream's ADU Cost Calculator stands out as a crucial tool for real estate professionals. An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a secondary residential unit on a property, either attached or detached from the main home. It offers a unique opportunity for property owners to optimize their real estate investments, popularly known as “house hacking.”

Why ADUs? Why Now?

ADU cost calculator

Housing Shortages

With more people and fewer homes available, ADUs present a practical solution.

dwelling cost calculator

Legal and Regulatory Support

Many regions are adapting laws to facilitate ADU construction, recognizing their potential to alleviate housing issues.

cost of adu

Versatile Investment

ADUs offer diverse use cases – from rental income to providing living space for extended family.

The Power of the ADU Calculator

Custom Estimates: Get detailed cost breakdowns for various ADU types, considering build quality, size, and additional features.

ROI Analysis: Evaluate the potential return on investment, making informed decisions for your real estate portfolio.

Versatility: Ideal for different real estate strategies – whether you're a buy-and-hold investor, fix-and-flip expert, wholesaler, or an agent.

The Power of the ADU Calculator

PropStream’s Rehab Calculator

Flipping properties is complex, but PropStream's Rehab Calculator makes it easier. It's an essential tool for creating detailed repair estimates and a cost breakdown of each repair to show where you’ll be when estimating your potential profits on a fix and flip.

The Benefits of Rehab Projects

home repair estimate calculator

Increased Property Value

Rehabbing a home often leads to a significant increase in its market value, making it a profitable venture for homeowners and investors.
home addition cost calculator

Customization and Modernization

Undertaking a rehab project allows for the customization and modernization of the property, aligning it with current market trends and personal preferences.

rehab calculator

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Rehab projects provide an opportunity to integrate energy-efficient features, reducing long-term costs and contributing to environmental sustainability.

The Power of the Rehab Calculator

Custom Estimates: See the estimated repair cost as well as the estimated do it yourself cost for various rehab or home improvement projects, such as remodeling kitchens, updating bathrooms, adding bedrooms, and more!

Search and Add Items: Search by popular projects, individual actions, or a complete remodel by area to generate a more accurate estimate based on your home improvement project goals.

User-Friendly Interface: Options for beginners to advanced users, from complete remodels to specific actions.

The Power of the Rehab Calculator

FAQs: Your Guide to the ADU and Rehab Calculator

What is the ADU Calculator used for?

The ADU Calculator is meant to give real estate professionals an estimate of what it would cost to establish an ADU on a subject property. This information can then be used to calculate any potential returns on investment. 

What is the Rehab Calculator used for?

The Rehab Calculator is a tool designed to help estimate the costs associated with renovating or rehabilitating a property. It takes into account various factors such as materials, labor, and other expenses to provide a comprehensive cost estimate, making it easier for property investors, homeowners, or renovators to budget and plan their rehab projects.

How are the calculations provided?

Your calculations are an estimate based on the zip code for the property, and the figures are based on popular and most common square footage sizes. 

What is the difference between the Rehab and ADU Calculators?

In short: The Rehab Calculator offers estimates for a wide variety of renovation projects for an entire property, while the ADU Calculator specializes in pricing out the addition of a separate dwelling on a subject property.

How can I find a property that will accommodate an ADU?

Before using PropStream to find a property for your ADU, we recommend researching local regulations to ensure they’re legal in your region and speaking with other professionals to see if the property layout and structure can suit an ADU.

Why are ADU and Rehab Calculators useful?

They assist with the comping process during the property research stage. These tools can help you evaluate the potential of a property.

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