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How to Skip Trace a List in PropStream

Skip tracing is the process of locating a property owner's contact information. Real estate professionals skip trace to find an owner's phone number and email address so they can market directly to the lead. You can do this directly from PropStream by selecting “Skip Trace” from the navigation bar. Once the order finishes processing, you can find the results on the “Contacts” page. As a special bonus for our customers, each skip trace includes Do Not Call Scrubbing!

To learn more about how to skip trace a list, check out our Wednesday webinar about skip tracing and outbound marketing with PropStream.

Skip Trace a List

To skip trace, make sure to have a list already built within PropStream. You may also import an outside list using List Automator or our "Contacts" page. Begin by selecting “Skip Tracing” then select "Contacts." Now locate the drop-down menu labeled available contacts at the top and choose the list you’d like to skip trace. There will be four options:

  1. Contacts: these are the lists that you have imported using the "Contacts" page
  2. Favorites: these are your individually saved properties from our "Search" page
  3. Marketing Lists: these are your saved results after searching and filtering on our search
  4. Skip Tracing jobs: these are lists that have been skip traced in the past. 

As you can see, you can skip trace an individual property or several. There are no minimums when it comes to PropStream skip tracing. After selecting a list, check off the individual names or select all the names that you’d like to skip trace. Click on “Add Selected Contacts” to transfer all the checked-off names to the selected contacts box below. You’ll know you’re headed in the right direction as the names will be highlighted in yellow. Proceed to the next step by selecting "Done" followed by the "Next" button. 

Step two will show you the potential cost of your order. The amount you see on your screen is an authorization amount and will vary depending on your account type. Once the order is completed, PropStream will review your results and charge you for what is returned. No hit means no charge. Click place order and after you’ve read the pop-up carefully, select "I Accept." 

Step three will thank you for placing your order and allow you to name your skip trace list, so feel free to use the same name as the original or change it. Select "Done" to exit the skip trace pop-up menu. Your results populate within a few minutes. Head over to the "Contacts" page, locate the skip tracing section, and select your list. Your results are listed in chronological order of best and most recent to oldest. Please refer to our blog on skip tracing best practices for more information on this topic.

Now here’s where the fun begins! PropStream will now flag contact information that is on the DNC and litigators list, at no additional cost. You can also see the same information in greater detail by clicking on the contact card and, if need be, you may also make adjustments as you see fit. The last thing you want to do is export your results out of PropStream. If that’s the case, select all or an individual address, followed by “Export.”