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Data You Can Trust Changes Everything

PropStream Clients

Knowing where you are helps determine where you’re going. In the real estate industry, having the right data is key to your success. PropStream has the most trusted real estate data available to help you locate, market to, and evaluate properties to grow your business.

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investor tools

Whether you’re a wholesaler, fix and flip investor, or in it for the long haul, PropStream is the all-in-one solution for you. We know that finding the right property, at the right price, is only part of the equation. PropStream gives you that information, plus the ability to determine market rents, after repair value (ARV), and to find potential buyers for your properties. Coupled with an array of marketing tools, skip tracing, and automated lead management, PropStream is the essential tool for every real estate investor.

Real Estate Agents

With over 1 million active real estate agents across the country, the competition for listings can be tough. PropStream empowers real estate agents with the additional tools they need to find and engage prospective buyers and sellers - even before they’re in the market. Our comprehensive data sets, together with advanced filtering, allows you to target empty nesters, tired landlords, senior owners in multi-story homes, and more. The filter and data combinations are nearly endless. Use with our built-in marketing features to help you get in front of the homeowner via phone, email, or direct mail.

CRM for Real Estate agents


Real estate broker software

Empower your agents with PropStream. The all-in-one solution arms them with the data they need to boost productivity and stay up to date on the subtle, and not-so-subtle, changes in their local market.

PropStream helps your agents target homeowners with the highest propensity to sell, and automatically monitors properties daily for status and sales changes, keeping their prospect lists accurate and organized. No longer market to properties that were just sold or to those with issues that have been resolved – saving you time and money.


Service providers throughout the nation utilize PropStream to target potential customers before their competition. Whether you’re a roofer looking for older homes to service, a mover looking for people who recently purchased a new home, or a contractor in a niche market, PropStream’s lead filters help you target the right homes, in the right neighborhoods. No more blanketing the entire zip code with flyers. Our integrated postcard generator helps you get in front of potential clients quickly and cost-effectively.

Marketing data for contractors

Property Managers

Property manager tools

The right Information saves you money and time. PropStream has the tools you need to determine rental comps for a specific property type, repair values, and more. In addition to our comprehensive nationwide data, PropStream’s lead generation filters help you find potential clients throughout the country. Our proprietary Linked Property feature allows you to find landlords with multiple properties, with a few clicks of the mouse.

Lenders and Loan Originators

Looking to target homeowners with multiple mortgages, specific Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios, or those with high-interest rates? PropStream’s nationwide lien and mortgage data allows you to quickly target homeowners that meet your specific lending criteria. Our integrated List Automator® feature ensures that new prospects are automatically added, while those that no longer fit your criteria are automatically removed. Saving you time, money, and keeping you ahead of the competition.

Nationwide MLS data for loan originators and lenders

Appraisers and Real Estate Professionals

MLS comps for Home Appraisers & Real Estate Professionals

In today’s dynamic real estate market, staying up to date with the most current information is essential. PropStream multi-sources data from public records, MLS sources, and private aggregators to help ensure you have the latest property information, sales comps, active listings, and more. In addition to public recordings, our MLS comps feature gives you accurate information, before a property transaction even records, keeping you on top of the market and your industry.

Real Estate CRMs and Analytics Tools

Data is at the heart of everything we do. From nationwide property information to new sales updated daily, county recordings, and so much more. PropStream’s data APIs have helped power real estate CRMs and Analytics applications throughout the industry. If you need data to power your business, you need PropStream on your team.

Real Estate CRM & Analytics

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