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Locating Homeowner Contact Information and Details

You’ve built lists with qualified leads, now it's time to plan your marketing campaign!

Here’s Your Guide To Getting Started

Once you know who you want to market to, it’s time to find the homeowners’ contact information, plan your marketing pitch, and execute it.

Not sure which marketing features you want to utilize? Here's a summary of each one to get you started:

Skip Tracing

Before you can start your campaign, you'll need contact information for your leads. This is why performing a skip trace is crucial!

Skip tracing is the process of retrieving email addresses and phone numbers for selected contacts. Learn more about our skip tracing service here!

Once you have the contact information, you can call, text, or send emails to make a quick connection and begin building relationships with the selected leads.

Skip trace contacts for as little as 12¢ per contact.


If you’d prefer to reach out via direct mail, you can create postcards right within PropStream. 

Use a blank template and design a postcard or choose from one of our professionally-designed templates to save yourself some time. 

Once you’re satisfied with your postcard design, you can add additional info or a personalized message before sending it directly through PropStream! 

Send postcards for as low as 48¢ with List Automator. The price will vary depending on the number of recipients and the postcard size. Orders are typically processed within 3-5 business days and sent to USPS for distribution.

marketing postcards

Email Campaigns

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are a great way to reach out to a group of leads quickly and efficiently. 

Once you’ve performed a skip trace, contact information will appear under your “Contacts” tab. From there, you can create an email campaign targeting any of your marketing lists. You can either use a blank template for your email or one of our pre-designed templates.

When scheduling your email campaign through PropStream, send the emails immediately or schedule them for a later date and time.

PropStream’s email marketing is CAN-SPAM compliant, and you can send emails for as little as 2¢ each.

Landing Pages

When you send out an email campaign or postcard, your recipients may want to visit a web page to learn more about who you are and what you do.

With PropStream, you can create a free custom landing page right within the platform! You can either start with a blank slate and design from scratch or save time with one of our pre-designed templates. 

Landing pages are free to create as part of your PropStream subscription!