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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to use PropStream like a pro.

Getting Started with PropStream

It’s easy to get started. Sign up for a free 7-day trial, attend our live webinars, and connect with us on social. It’s that easy!

How do I sign up for a one time 7-day free trial of PropStream?
Sign up here to receive a free 7-day trial of PropStream. Cancel anytime. There is no obligation to subscribe.
What does a free trial include?
Full access to PropStream (Team Members not included)
50 Imports/Exports of Properties
Ability to purchase all in-app products (skip tracing & marketing), excluding List Automator
What’s the best way to learn how to use PropStream?

There are four ways to learn about PropStream.

Live Webinars

Attend live webinars to learn best practices, how to pull a report, build a list and more. Check out our schedule below and register now!

  • Monday: Complete Overview of PropStream
  • Tuesday: Generating and Automating Real Estate Leads
  • Wednesday: Skip tracing and Marketing with PropStream 
  • Thursday: How to Run Comps Like a Pro
  • Friday: PropStream Mobile Overview and Driving for Dollars

The live presentations take place at 3 PM PT. 

PropStream Academy

You can also take free courses in our PropStream Academy

Video Library

Check out our recorded tutorials for step-by-step instructions on how to do everything within PropStream.

Social Communities

Connect with PropStream on our various social channels:

How do I sign-up for the PropStream Academy?

Based on your community status there are 3 easy ways you can enroll for free into the PropStream Academy.

  1. Subscribers of PropStream
    If you already have a PropStream Account, check to see if we have sent you an email with sign-up instructions and PropStream Academy credentials.
  2. New to PropStream
    If you have never joined our community before we recommend signing up for our 7-day Free Trial and we will then email your PropStream Academy credentials.
  3. Sign Up Directly
    You can just cut to the chase and sign up for our free courses directly!

For more information about the Academy click here.


Simple, straightforward pricing. Choose the features that are right for you to grow your business.

What is PropStream’s current pricing?
PropStream’s pricing can be found here: Pricing

Customer Service

You’ve got questions. We have the answers. Give us a call and let us help.

How do I get a hold of Customer Service?

Customer Service can be reached by phone at 877.204.9040 or email at support@propstream.com.

Customer Service is available Monday – Friday, 6 AM PT – 6 PM PT.

How do I cancel my PropStream account?

To cancel your subscription, please contact our Customer Support during business hours at (877) 817-7377 prior to your next billing cycle date.

How do I reactivate my PropStream account?

To reactivate your PropStream account, please call or email Customer Service or sign in to your account. If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” to reset. You will then be able to reactivate your account.


When you reactivate your PropStream account, your monthly charge will be at the current PropStream monthly subscriber rate.

Data Questions

All the answers to your PropStream real estate data questions.

What data does PropStream include?

PropStream’s nationwide property data is multi-sourced from county recordings, MLS records, and private data sources, giving you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database available of over 155 million properties.

PropStream provides daily updates to:

  • MLS Listings (Sales, Failed Listings, Active, Pending, and Contingent Listings)
  • Pre-foreclosure Filings and Public Auctions
  • Foreclosed Properties & Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Vacant Properties
  • Tax Liens
  • HOA & Mechanic’s Liens
  • Cash Buyers
  • High Equity
  • Free & Clear Properties
  • Non-Owner Occupied Properties
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Divorce Filings
  • Deceased Owners
  • Linked Properties
  • Flippers
  • “Zombie” Foreclosures
  • Rental Values
  • Mortgage Information
  • Senior Owners
  • Tired Landlords
Do all counties/states provide the same information?

No. A small number of counties across the U.S. restrict certain information from Public Records, such as bedroom and bathroom counts.


Non-disclosure states (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri (some counties), Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming) eliminate the sales price from being publicly available, requiring all companies that are not Agents/Brokers to create an estimated sales price using logic and market intelligence.

How often is PropStream’s data updated?

MLS data is updated daily

Vacant data is updated monthly

Tax Assessor updates annually (some counties update more frequently)

Does PropStream data include the number of units for multi-family residents?

Yes. PropStream pulls data directly from the county tax assessor. The property classification (i.e., Property Type or County Land Use Codes) identifies the type of property. In a lot of areas, the counties will classify the properties as:

  • Duplex (2 units)
  • Triplex (3 units)
  • Quad Plex (4 units)
  • Multi-family (5+)
  • Multi-family (10+)

The counties also have counts broken out by residential and commercial. However, some counties may not populate that information in their public records.

Why would property info (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc.) appear differently on the MLS vs within PropStream?

Owner obtained permits and made legal/permitted upgrades, and the county has not yet updated it.

Owner did not legally pull a permit, so it will never be reported to the county.

An agent entered/mis-keyed the wrong information into the MLS.

Is PropStream data scrubbed for Do Not Call (DNC) lists?

Yes, PropStream now offers Free DNC scrubbing. Our PropStream Skip Trace DNC flag includes known litigators: (a) Federal & State Do Not Call Lists (b) Government Numbers, (c) Attorney Numbers, (d) Anti Telemarketing Groups, (e) Plaintiffs of litigation, and Pre-Litigation cases.

Does the sale amount under the Cash Sale tab include the Wholesale Fee (if any)?

The Sale Amount is the purchase price of the physical property – what the Buyer paid for the house. We do not know if the wholesale fee is included.

How do I identify new records being added to an existing marketing list?

Use the “Date added to List” column header within the My Properties page.

If you have upgraded to List Automator, you can automate marketing lists that you have saved and PropStream will automatically add and remove properties that meet or no longer meet your criteria.

PropStream Features

Frequently asked questions about how to use our features to search for a property.

What types of property searches can be performed?

County, City, and Zip Code (up-to 5 Zip Codes at a time) or a specific address. You can also use the draw search feature to draw a radius around the area you would like to search in.

Can I perform a search by APN?

Yes, use the following format: APN# (Exact APN), County, State.

How do I import a large list?

To import a large list and refresh with the latest information, you will need to upgrade your subscription to include List Automator. You can then import the same number of records as the subscription level you chose allows. If you require more records, you can either upgrade your List Automator subscription or purchase additional records for a small fee from within the Add-On Services section within the PropStream settings tab.

If you want to import a large list for marketing purposes only, import the same number of records as your subscription level allows from within the Contacts tab.

Can I combine multiple automated lists?

To combine multiple automated lists into another list, click on “Actions” from the drop-down menu, then select “Add to Automated List”. Or simply use your mouse to drag and drop one list into another. The properties that are being placed into the new list will no longer follow the criteria of the list you took it from. They will follow the criteria of the automated list you are applying it to.

How do I pull a “Flipper” list?

A Flipper list is a property that is currently for sale that is non-owner occupied and was purchased less than 24 months prior. To pull this list, select “Active” on MLS non-owner-occupied last sale date.

How do I include records with “Unknown Equity”?

Unknown equity is found after creating a search with equity. If you are targeting 30% or more equity, an option will appear to include unknown equity.

How do I search for vacant land?

Go to the property characteristics filter section and filter by property class “Vacant Land”, then specify the types of vacant land you are looking for under property type.


Ready to take your property research on the road? Check out the mobile app’s basics to get started.

Does the mobile app have the same features as the desktop version?

The mobile app gives you:

  • Nationwide Data Access
  • Detailed Property and Owner Information
  • Access to Comparables
  • The Ability to Skip Trace
  • Market Directly to a Property Owner (send a postcard)
  • Add Team Members

Currently, there is no way to generate a marketing list from the Mobile App.

What type of details are available on the mobile app?
  • Property Details
  • Tax Information
  • Transaction History
  • Open Loans
How do I locate my list once a skip trace is performed?

Skip Traced results appear under “Skip Trace” within the mobile app. Once you have skip traced a property, the skip trace area will remove the blue “run skip trace” button and populate the landline, cell phone number, and email address in that area. You will also find it when using the desktop version on the contacts page, where your skip tracing results are stored. Look for the label “mobile favorites”.

Can I take a picture of a property while in the driving app?

Currently, photos are only available for use in the Postcard service and can be added to any postcard that allows the background image to be replaced or inserted as a property photo into our designated postcards.

If I favorite a property on the mobile app that is already in a marketing list, how will I know?

If you favorite a property that is already in a marketing list, the heart will be filled red. If it is already in a marketing list, it will not appear in your mobile favorites.


If you want to add a saved property to your mobile favorites, un-favorite the property (uncheck the heart) and then re-add the property by re-favoriting it. This will show the property in both the marketing list and in mobile favorites.

Can I favorite a property on my drive history and then view on the desktop and on mobile?

Yes, the property will appear within the desktop version of PropStream in Mobile Favorites in the My Properties section located in the left-hand navigation.

How do I collapse the map to view more property details?

Click the up arrow at the top middle of the screen to collapse the map and view property details.

How do I select my comps filter criteria?

On the comps screen, select the three vertical lines to the right of “Both” Public Records and MLS.

How do I add notes for a specific property?

When you are in a property, click on the “tag” in the upper right corner of your app screen, to the left of the red heart. You can then enter any notes and add property tags and assign to a Team Member.

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