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PropStream Academy

The PropStream Academy is a free educational platform for the real estate industry. Featuring self-paced courses that teach industry terminology, basic strategies, and step-by-step lessons on harnessing the power of PropStream's big data platform. The Academy educates investors, agents, and other real estate professionals with the modern skills needed to be successful in the world of real estate.

PropStream Academy Courses

Explore all of PropStream Academy's free courses and sign-up for our free 7-day trial to enhance your real estate learning experience. Below is a sample of our most popular courses!

Introduction To Wholesaling

In this interactive course, you'll learn how to find the best leads, build marketing lists, and the steps for closing wholesale deals with ease - all while learning the PropStream® data platform.

Fix and Flip Like A Pro: Find Properties & Maximize ROI

Fix and Flippers can enroll in this course to learn how to use real estate data to find properties with the most potential. Learn to find fix and flip leads, connect, finance your fix and flip, and more!

15 Minute Leads

Learn how to generate the best leads in just 15 minutes per day with the help of PropStream. This course covers finding motivated sellers, creating custom lead lists, starting a marketing campaign, and more!

Lead Strategies for The Modern Agent

The real estate market has become very competitive over the last few years with rising interest rates and low inventory. In this course, you'll learn top strategies to target hidden or off-market opportunities to land motivated seller deals!

Niche Down: Senior Owner Lead Generation

In this course, you'll learn to generate senior homeowner leads to start landing deals. Access important data such as property information, comparables in their area, and niche down your marketing strategy.

Creative Financing for Real Estate Professionals

Learn different types of creative financing in real estate through traditional and alternative financing sources like sub2 and lease options to excel in a downturned market. We'll show you how to use these strategies in different situations, even with little money or bad credit.

Finding Motivated Sellers

Learn the steps to finding motivated sellers for your real estate business i) Search with filters, filter stacking, and heat maps, and ii) Learn about list management and list stacking.

Real Estate Direct Marketing 101

In this course, you'll learn about direct marketing strategies real estate professionals use to connect with leads.

How Agents Find Off-Market Inventory, Listings, and Clients

Discover how PropStream is an all-in-one solution to find and target motivated off-market inventory. Enroll in this free course to learn how to maximize your clientele and listings by isolating the best off-market opportunities in your area.

What to Expect in the Academy

Free Real Estate Academy with certification

The Academy has a variety of courses tailored to investors and agents who want to enrich their understanding of real estate and master the PropStream® Platform.  Each course provides delightful videos, infographics, interactive content, action tasks, and more - all designed to facilitate your real estate education and growth.

Those who enroll in the academy will have access to exclusive downloadable content and a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course!

What You Need to Enroll

Enrolling for free in the PropStream Academy is easy. If you are already a customer, new to PropStream, or want to learn more about real estate, sign up and create an account for our free courses directly!

What You Need To Enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Is PropStream Academy free to join?

Yes, it really is free. It's our pleasure to assist you on your real estate learning journey and we love taking part in your success!

Do I need a PropStream Subscription to join?

No, but we highly recommend a 7-day free trial to enhance your learning and get hands on experience. 

Can I use the same PropStream login credentials for the Academy? 

No, but you can quickly and easily sign up as a new user. If you sign up to PropStream first, we will email you your Academy credentials shortly afterward.

Will you have other courses?

Yes, we will be launching more courses. Make sure you sign up to PropStream or follow us on Social Media to stay up to date. 

How long does it take to do a course?

Course times will vary depending on the content. Introduction to Wholesaling may take you up to 3 hours. Other courses may be as short as 30 minutes.

Are the courses live?

No, they are animated videos, interactive content, and explanations. Each lesson is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace.  If you need additional learning  support  we recommend our video library, blogs and weekly webinars.

Do I get a certificate when I complete the course?

Yes, you will get a downloadable Certificate of Completion when you complete the course.

Where can I sign up for my PropStream 7-day free trial?
How do I change my password?

Navigate to academy.propstream.com,

a) click  'sign in'
b) click 'forgot password' on bottom right
c) enter the email used to sign up to the academy
d) email will be sent with a link to change the password (only if the email is in the academy system)
e) click 'change my password' from the email
f) choose a new password and log in.

How do I get my certificate when I finish a course?

You will receive your certificate once you have completed all of the course chapters. This certificate is available for download from the platform.

How long do I have to finish a course?

Since the course is on-demand, you can learn at your own pace or you can choose to complete a course all at once.

What happens if I get questions wrong?

Read the included question explanations and review any sections that you need more help with.

Who do I contact for support?

Please contact our support team if you have any questions about the Academy.

Can I access the Academy on a mobile device?

Yes, you can access the PropStream Academy from the internet browser on your mobile device, but you may prefer to view the content and details of the action tasks on your computer.

PropStream Academy Testimonials

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Driving for Dollars and my future.

The app is very useful and handy, especially when you are in the field scouting for properties.

Debra M.

Driving For Dollars with the PropStream Mobile App

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I Was Most Impressed with the Course Content and Format.

The content was comprehensive, yet easily understandable. The use of visuals, tests, and practical tasks helped to reinforce the knowledge gained. The course not only made me comfortable using PropStream but gave me new and useful knowledge, tips, and tactics regarding the application of the wholesaling strategy.

Geoff T.

Introduction to Wholesaling

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Real Estate Sales Comps For Agents!

I hold a Michigan license in real estate and take many courses using MLS.  I enjoyed this course on comps with PropStream, I will be using the PropStream platform along with the MLS.

Thank you!

Dwayne T.

The Art and Science of Sales Comps

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This course was AMAZING!

I loved how this course provided such valuable info and flowed perfectly. It was not overwhelming. I am looking forward to using the tools that were provided. Go PropStream Team!

Shonda R.

Introduction to Wholesaling

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PropStream For Agents.

This will be a game changer for agents struggling to find inventory.


Carlyle G.

PropStream for Agents: Landing New Leads and Listings

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Excited For Leads!

Thank you for making the learning process so easy to understand and navigate through. Looking forward to my success!

Nadege R.

Finding Motivated Sellers

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The Road To Passive Income!

To the point - no fluff!


Fred W.

Finding and Buying Rental Properties: The Road to Passive Income

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Very Effective!

I believe this course will prove to be very effective in increasing the rate at which I get leads that will prove to be profitable.

Shelby H.

Scary Good Leads: Target Distressed Properties

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Excellent Course on Fixing & Flipping Real Estate.

This training is so valuable to new flippers. It is very detailed and instructional. Thanks for a great course!

Harold H.

Fix and Flip Like a Pro: Find Properties & Maximize ROI

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Driving for Dollars course is brilliant as you can search for specific properties and use a mobile app to get details and make contact with the owners.

Jason B.

Driving for Dollars

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Straight to the Point!

Informative on how to use and navigate PropStream to find leads and market to those leads.

Aaron M.

15 Minute Leads

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Awesome Lesson!

I learned about the c.o.m.p.s and how its applied to cold calling and how much you can learn about the owners and properties information just utilizing comps! 

Michael T.

Webinar: The 5 Steps to Successful C.O.M.P.S.

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This Course Was Very Insightful!

Lays out a clear and simple strategy on how to generate more seller leads while also giving some very helpful tips on how to possibly gain more buyer leads as well. I will definitely be incorporating these strategies into my everyday prospecting.

Heather L.

Lead Strategies for The Modern Agent

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I Love PS...Member Since 2020!

Just the niche I was looking for...and enough variety for new listing leads!

Amanda L.

Niche Down: Senior Owner Lead Generation

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Excellent Explanation of the Software.

I gained knowledge of the industry and how to elevate my business. This software will make the experience faster, organized and create successful working systems to increase profit and productivity.

Jordan K.

Getting Started with PropStream