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How to Set Up a Landing Page in PropStream

PropStream makes marketing to your leads simple and easy. You can use the included marketing tools to start a new campaign and even set up a website. The editor is intuitive and user-friendly, so you can send your leads a customized landing page in no time! 

To learn more about how to set up a landing page in PropStream, check out this video: 

Video Transcript: Set Up a Landing Page

This video will show how to set up and customize a landing page using PropStream’s marketing tools. First, go to the Campaigns page and select the marketing campaign that needs a landing page. 

You can create a unique landing page for each marketing campaign in your PropStream account, so these pages can be as targeted as your lead lists. Select “Setup Website” and a popup will appear to get started. 

You can change the website name and be notified if the URL is currently available.

There’s a form for capturing leads on your landing page, so you will be asked to provide an email address where the form submissions will be sent. 

There is a checkbox for saving the landing page design as a template for future use. 

Finally, you have the choice to start with a blank page or a predefined website. If you’ve ever saved one of your designs for future use, you can find it by selecting the predefined website option.

Once you’ve filled out these options, click done to start designing your landing page!

The landing page consists of a header image, logo, up to five pictures in the body, header text, and body text. There’s a live preview to the right to help you review your changes as they’re made, but you can also click “Preview” to see a full size version of your landing page. 

Use the tools here to customize your landing page by adjusting the header and body text while uploading all your preferred images.

To add an image, hover over the Browse option to upload it from your computer.

To delete an image, select it and click remove.

Follow these steps to add images. The logo image is displayed on top of the banner image and its size is adjustable.

Once your images are uploaded, you can use the tools below to edit the text. Change the font, size, color and more!

After you’ve made your changes, click "Preview" to open a full size example of your landing page. Don’t forget to save your progress, so you can continue right where you left off! When you’re satisfied with your designs, click “Publish” to make your website live.

Lastly, you can click Edit to make any changes to the settings of landing page.