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Evaluate 155+ Million Properties Nationwide With Accurate Real Estate Comps

Discover the power of PropStream using our advanced Comparables and Nearby Listings feature. Whether you're an investor, agent, or simply evaluating a property, our comprehensive tools, powered by both public records and MLS sales data, allow you to uncover highly accurate home values in a few clicks. 

Powerful Real Estate Database with Comprehensive Reports

Find out how much a subject property is worth using PropStream’s easy-to-use database and detailed reports. You can focus on specific neighborhoods and properties that match your needs and choose between public record data, MLS data, or a combination of both for the most accurate property valuation. Make smarter decisions and gain a competitive edge in the real estate market with our comprehensive real estate comparables tool!

Streamline Your Search for Comps with PropStream’s Easy-to-Use Interface


Say goodbye to complexity! Our user-friendly interface makes accessing MLS and Public Record comps in your area a breeze. Just click on the "Comparables & Nearby Listings" tab on the Property Details Page, and you'll have valuable data right at your fingertips. Simplify your property research and decision-making process without sacrificing accuracy.

Tailor Your Real Estate Comps Research with Customized Filters

Our default criteria are set to find properties sold within the last year, within a half-mile radius, and with similar square footage (plus or minus 20%). However, you have the freedom to fine-tune these filters to match the unique requirements of your subject property perfectly. Refine your search for pinpoint accuracy, and utilize the draw tool for location-specific comps. Gain a comprehensive understanding of average sale prices, price per square foot, and days on the market using data.

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Effortlessly Manage Your Home Comps with Save and Retrieve

house comps

With our user-friendly platform, managing your home comps has never been easier. After creating your customized home comps, simply save your real estate comparables for future reference and editing. This convenient feature ensures that you can access and refine your home comps whenever you need them, saving you time and streamlining your real estate research process.

Instant Comparisons with Market Trends

Combine the powerful insights from PropStream’s real estate comps with the market trends and other reports available to learn about your subject property and the market where it’s located. By considering both the unique characteristics of your property and the broader market trends, you'll gain valuable insights for informed decision-making in the real estate market.


Explore Market Secrets with "Flip Comps"

comps for real estate

Explore the fast-moving world of property sales with our easy-to-use "Flip Comps" tool! It’s a unique part of our platform that helps you see houses that were bought and sold quickly (within 24 months). This feature is perfect for understanding standard house flipping profits in specific areas. Get a clear view of which properties are getting the best returns, and use this knowledge to make smarter buying and selling decisions. 

Learn More About Comps for Real Estate Below!

Blog Article

Real Estate Comps Are Crucial For Investors

If you’re new to the field, you may have heard this term but may not be sure what it means. In this blog, We’re going to cover the basics of finding comparables in real estate, including what they are, why they’re important for investors, and how to run comps.
FREE Course

The Art and Science of Sales Comps

In this course, you'll learn about the art of running sales comps with PropStream. Lessons focus on adjusting data to create accurate comps, the power of using different datasets, and the data included in Comps Reports.
FREE Webinar

Webinar: The 5 Steps to Successful C.O.M.P.S.

Watch our webinar recording of The 5 Steps to Successful C.O.M.P.S. With record-high interest rates and inflated home prices, knowing how to run accurate comparables in 2023 as a real estate pro is crucial. It's time to learn with PropStream!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are real estate comps?

Real estate comps, short for comparables, are recently sold properties that are similar to a property you are looking to buy or sell in terms of location, size, condition, and features. They are used as a benchmark to help determine the current market value of a property. By analyzing the sale prices of comps, you can make an informed decision about the listing price or offer price of a property.

Why are comps necessary?

Comps are necessary because they give you a realistic idea of a property’s value in the current market. Comps help ensure that the buyer is paying a fair price and the seller is listing the property at a competitive yet profitable price. They also are crucial in the appraisal process, helping to avoid under or overvaluing properties, and are instrumental for investors to analyze the viability of their real estate investment.

What is the best way to run comps on a property?

  • Location: Find recently sold properties within a close radius of the subject property, usually within one mile.
  • Timing: Look for properties sold within the last three to six months to ensure the data is relevant to the current market.
  • Similarity: Choose comps similar in size, age, condition, and style to the subject property.
  • Analysis: Analyze the sale prices of the comps and adjust for any significant differences, such as renovations or property condition, to estimate the market value of the subject property.

How do you use PropStream’s comps for real estate?

Here’s a simplified guide on how to use our home comps tool:

  • Log In: Access PropStream and log in to your account.
  • Search: Enter the address of the property you are interested in.
  • View Details: Navigate to the property details page, where you can see detailed information.
  • Find Comps: Look for the option to view comparable properties or sales in the area of your chosen property.
  • Filter and Analyze: You can filter the comps based on distance, recency of sale, property type, and more. Analyze the data to estimate the value of the property you are interested in.

Who benefits from accurate comps?

Homeowners, real estate agents, and buyers benefit from accurate real estate comps. Homeowners can set realistic selling prices, agents can guide clients effectively, and buyers can make informed purchase offers.

Where does PropStream get comps data?

The data for real estate comps typically comes from two main sources: public records and Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Public records provide information on property sales, including sale price, from government databases. MLS data offers detailed insights on listed properties, including current market listings and recently sold properties. In nondisclosure states, MLS data becomes particularly valuable for accurate comps.

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