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How to Find Real Estate Leads Using PropStream’s Search Function

PropStream is the best real estate software for finding motivated sellers and buyers. To get started, generate a targeted real estate lead list by searching within a market. PropStream allows you to search by exact address, Assessor Parcel Number (APN), zip code, city, and county. We even provide a drawing tool, so users can search within a designated area on the map.

To learn more about how to find real estate leads using PropStream, check out this video:

Video Transcript: How to Search Properties

There are five possible searches that you’ll be able to complete through PropStream. The first of the five is the county-level search. To complete that search, type out the name of that county, followed by a comma, a space, and the abbreviation of that state. You will see a recommendation appear right below the search bar. Click on that recommendation and your results for that county will now populate.

The second search that you can perform is a city-level search. Type out the name of the city and a recommendation will appear. Select that recommendation and your results for that city will now populate.

The third search you can perform is a zipcode search. Type out that zip code and you’ll see a recommendation appear. Select that recommendation and your results for that zip code will now populate. However, with zip codes, we do give you the luxury to search up to five zip codes. To perform that type of search, separate each zip code with a comma and a space. As you apply each zip code, you’ll notice the recommendation appears right below the search bar. Once you’re done applying up to five zip codes, click the recommendation, and the results for the five zip codes will appear. 

The next search that you can perform is the draw search feature, which is actually located on the map itself in the shape of a pencil icon in the upper left corner. To perform the search, select the pencil icon, find your starting point on the map, left-click, and let go. As you move your cursor, you’ll see your blue line following you. This blue line is your first border, so as you find an endpoint to your first border, left-click and let go once more to create your second border. You can repeat this process up to one hundred times. 

Once your shape has been drawn out, hit search or enter on your keyboard, and the results within the shape that you’ve drawn out will now populate. 

The last search that you can perform in PropStream is a specific property address. Type in that specific property and a recommendation will appear below the search bar. Click on that recommendation and PropStream will zoom in on that specific property. You will see the neighboring records around that subject property, including MLS, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure records. 

If you have any questions, please make sure to reach out to PropStream customer support.