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Generating New Listings as an Agent

Your Guide for Finding Off-Market Leads With PropStream

Use PropStream to Find Motivated Sellers

Whether a homeowner is facing an unexpected change in the family or their financial situation has to be adjusted, PropStream helps you uncover off-market listings with owners who may need to sell a property urgently with the help of a trusted agent.

To start using property data to find leads, use our search bar to find properties by address, APN, county, city, or zip code (you can search up to five zip codes).

Have a specific region you want to target, like a neighborhood or street? Use our Draw Tool to create a border around the area you want to target and filter out the rest.

Once you’ve narrowed down the region you’d like to search, you can use one of our 19 Quick Lists or 120+ unique search filters to find an owner in need of your services!

19 Quick Lists and 120+ Unique Search Filters

To get you started, we compiled a list of common search filters used by Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

Non-Owner Occupied

These are properties owned by someone who is not currently living there. The owner may be ready to sell if their property is underperforming or if they want to invest in a new unit. Your connection with this type of homeowner could be an opportunity to help them purchase additional properties. Either way, there’s an opportunity for additional commissions!


If an owner has a vacant property that isn’t generating any income, they may be motivated to sell it. In this situation, the owner is likely looking for a quick sale. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills in home staging and house prep to help them sell that property.

Absentee Owners

Maintaining a vacant property can be difficult enough when it’s local; however, Absentee Owners are maintaining a property from another city or state. This could be a helpful angle for pitching your services to this type of owner.

Senior Owners

A Senior Owner has owned the property for more than 25 years. They may be an empty-nester and ready to downgrade in size. Or, their age may be impacting their ability to maintain the home. This filter is ideal for agents who specialize in working with retirees or empty nesters!

Tired Landlords

A Tired Landlord may have owned and operated an investment property for 15 years or more. They may be tired of working with renters and ready to sell the property for a profit, leaving a perfect opportunity for you to help them sell.


Pre-foreclosure is the first step in the foreclosure process. If a property is in pre-foreclosure status, this means that the property still belongs to the owner but they may be burdened by it because they're unable to pay for it. This is a great opportunity for you to swoop in as an agent and help the owner get out from under the property.


The Pre-Probate filter allows agents to target properties with deceased records. When someone inherits a property from a deceased family member, they may be unable to manage the property physically or financially. In this case, you can approach the situation sensitively and offer to help sell the property so the family can grieve without worrying about selling the property themselves.

How to Save Your New Leads as a Marketing List

Once you’ve found a few properties you want to refer to later, you can save them and create lists so you can easily find them when you’re ready to begin your marketing campaign. To save and create lists:
Choose Your Properties

Mark the checkbox next to a property you’d like to save. Or, select the checkmark at the top of the column to select all properties that fit your search criteria before clicking “Add to List.”

Create a List

Once you save a property, you can create a “PropStream Trial” list to find the properties you’ve saved quickly.

Review Your List

To find your list, head over to the “My Properties” tab. You’ll see the list on the left with a number next to it indicating how many properties you’ve saved.

Additional PropStream Tools for Real Estate Agents

In addition to the search filters and Quick Lists that help narrow your search, we offer some other add-ons that are beneficial for agents using our software.

With our “List Automator” add-on, set your list criteria and receive recommendations to help you edit your list with the most relevant leads. Your lists are still in your control, as you can decide if you want to edit the lists according to the recommendations or not!

To learn how to add List Automator to your account, check out our video tutorial.

PropStream also offers the ability to add team members so your entire team can work on generating leads. To add team members, click on the “Manage Team” tab in the settings of your PropStream account. From there, add additional team members for $20 each per month for web access or $35 per month for web and mobile access!

Pro Tip: Invite team members to join you exclusively on the mobile app as "Mobile Scouts" for free! 

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools

Learn More About Generating Leads with PropStream

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