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PropStream Supports Fair Housing and Accessibility

At PropStream, we believe every person should have fair and equal access to housing,
whether they’re renting or buying a property.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live or invest in a safe property free of discrimination. Because of this, we are proud supporters of the Fair Housing Act and are committed to helping the real estate professionals who use our platform understand what fair housing means.

What is the Fair Housing Act?

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law implemented in 1968 to follow the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prevents discrimination of protected classes when renting or buying a property which can include obtaining a mortgage, getting housing assistance, and more.

The Fair Housing Act supports people based on these protected classes:

  • Race
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Familial Status

Because of the Fair Housing Act, it is illegal to perform any of the following actions based on any of the criteria listed above:

  • Refusing to negotiate a housing deal
  • Refusing to rent or sell property
  • Making housing unavailable
  • Changing the lease, terms, conditions, or privileges for a particular party
  • Making a false claim that housing is no longer available to buy, rent, or inspect
  • Delaying or failing inspections intentionally
  • Harassing tenants or potential buyers
  • Changing the sale price for a certain party

And more (find the full list here).

How Can You Familiarize Yourself With Fair Housing Rights and Obligations as a Real Estate Professional?

If you’re a real estate professional involved with any stage of the transaction (e.g., agent, investor, lender, appraiser, property manager, title company agent, broker), it’s important to be aware of the laws and regulations set forth by the Fair Housing Act to avoid accidentally violating them.

To become familiar with the laws and regulations that impact you as a real estate pro, we recommend reading through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s resources. To help you get started, we’ve included a few links:

While fair housing is managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on a federal level, individual states may have specific requirements related to fair housing as well. We recommend researching state laws regarding equitable and fair housing for all buyers and renters as well.