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Take out the guesswork and make accurate, impactful
decisions when deciding how to find landlords and evaluating the marketplace!

Find Landlords in Need of a Property Manager

Accessing accurate, detailed information will save you time and money when finding landlords who need a property manager’s help. 
With over 120 unique search filters and 19 Quick Lists, narrow down your results and find the most qualified leads in just minutes with PropStream!

Our platform makes it easier than ever to find:

Absentee Owners

Absentee Owners

Landlords who live far from their rental properties will need someone nearby to oversee day-to-day operations. PropStream allows you to search for Absentee Owners who live Local, Out of County, and Out of State.

Owners With Multiple Properties

Whether the property owner specializes in commercial or residential properties, they may need help managing all of their tenants as they gather more rentals. Use our “Linked Properties” feature to find landlords with multiple properties.

Landlords With a Lower Estimated Rent Value

This demographic may be able to get a higher return from their property with the help of a skilled property manager. To find properties based on estimated rent value, use our “Analytics” tab.

Uncover Rental Trends in Your Region to Find Your Next Door

Discovering trends in nearby regions is helpful for predicting which areas offer the most opportunity for generating revenue.

This information can then help you optimize your portfolio by targeting properties within the same neighborhood. With PropStream, you can combine trends with our filters to target potential landlords. 

With PropStream trends, you can uncover:

  • Rent Price
  • Rent Price Per Bedroom
  • Rent Price Per Square Foot

Discover real-time rental comps that inform you of the current market prices and inventory.

Rental Trends in Your Region

Find Property Management Leads and Craft Your Marketing Campaign
in One Convenient Location

Craft Your Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve built lists of qualified leads, our skip tracing service helps you find homeowner contact information.

Craft innovative, easy-to-use marketing solutions and track your marketing campaign right within the PropStream platform:

  • Email Marketing: Create unique email campaigns for each marketing list. Monitor the click-through rate within PropStream.
  • Free Landing Page: Included with your PropStream subscription, you can easily create a custom landing page to send your prospects to.
  • Postcards: With various professionally-designed templates or the option to create your own design, send beautiful postcards to targeted leads.

Make a Connection in Our Facebook Community

With over 4 thousand members, our Facebook User Community is a great place to find and connect with investors who may need your help.

Membership is free with a PropStream Subscription. Join today and say hello!

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