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Real Estate Agents

Find Qualified Leads, Make a Connection, Get a New Listing

Did You Know There Are More Agents Than Listings?

Use Real Estate Data to Win Your Next Listing
With PropStream’s nationwide coverage and multi-sourced datasets, you can easily find homeowners who need to sell for top dollar. Making the services of a real estate agent crucial!

The MLS is Not a Lead Generation Tool

Don’t settle for MLS data alone; combine the power of the MLS with the power of PropStream!

PropStream helps you find off-market properties with homeowners who have the highest likelihood of working with an agent. Find homeowners with motivations to sell and buy using our robust datasets.

Create Your Own Unique Lead Lists & Get Off-Market Listings

Stop overpaying for pre-made property lead lists that everyone else is using! Start connecting and making impactful pitches to sellers that fit your desired demographic.

Discover how you can start taking control of your leads with our 7-day free trial and continue for a flat monthly fee starting at $99/month!

Close Deals on Pre-Foreclosures with 4 Simple Steps

Search Off-Market Properties

Use the search bar or heat map for market insights to narrow your search by county, city, or zip code.

Apply Filters & Quick Lists

Use one of our Quick Lists or search filters to find homeowners with the highest likelihood to sell. Completely customize your prospecting to focus on properties in your niche.

Save Marketing Lists

Save properties of interest to specially organized marketing lists. Organize by any criteria you prefer and connect with motivated sellers using our built-in marketing features.

List Automation

Let us automate your prospecting - add on List Automator to automatically update your lists with leads that match your business criteria.

Connect with Sellers

Skip trace homeowner contact information using your marketing lists. Start making phone calls. Use property history to understand the homeowner’s unique situation.

Manage Campaigns

Start your marketing campaign in one place with our comprehensive tools (postcards, landing pages, emails) as you track the progress within the software.

All-In-One Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Once you have honed in and created your lists, we have add-on tools to help you stay organized and connect with your next potential client.

Our Add-On Tools Include:

Pro Tip: Don't have a website? Create a custom landing page for free!

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools

Got Teams?

Real Estate Broker Software

Invite team members to use PropStream with you and supercharge your real estate business with more listings!

They can be a mobile scout for free, have web access for just $20 per month, or access web and mobile features for $35 per month.

Search On the Go

In addition to our web version of PropStream, we offer a free companion mobile app that allows you to find listings on the go and keep track of all the neighborhoods you’ve driven through.

You can search and save properties on the app and even skip trace or send a postcard on the go!

Realtor Tools

Become a Certified PropStream Pro For Free!

To help you fully take advantage of PropStream’s features, we offer a free PropStream Academy! 

A few courses we offer are:

Real Estate Agent Tools

Lunch and Listings

Lunch and Listings

Want to spend your lunch break more efficiently by getting actionable advice for growing your real estate business? Join Burton for Lunch and Listings every Wednesday at 12:00 PM pst!

Additionally, we have Live Webinars (M-F, 3:00 PM pst) daily, Webinar Replays, and a Facebook Community to help you find and connect with other real estate professionals.

Let Us Help You Set Up Your Lists With Personalized Support

Have a question or comment? Our excellent customer support team would be happy to hold your hand as you learn to use PropStream’s features. This service is free and included in your monthly subscription.

Email us: support@propstream.com

Give us a call: (877) 204-9040

Real Estate Agent Software
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As a licensed Realtor® I find much benefit in having PropStream! Not only is it a great tool for finding motivated sellers, cash buyers & off-market deals. It also really helps me evaluate property history, previous purchase price, or the latest property transfer. This is a tremendous help when it comes to putting in offers for my clients.
Alexander Petty
Realtor ®
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I have been a Commercial Realtor® for 20 years and have never had a better tool than PropStream! It's a system! All the pieces of information that are needed to make an informed buy, sell, or leasing decision are on the PropStream platform. And if I should ever place my license on inactive as I become an Investor, I don't have to be concerned that I'll no longer have access to MLS - - the MLS information is included in PropStream! It's time to work smarter. I am loving and using PropStream!
Donna Winfrey
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I love the fact I can search for off-market properties because it really gives me more opportunities to get my own listings. Can't wait to see what's coming next with PropStream!
Sherrill Rickert
EXP Realty, FL
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I hold a Michigan license in real estate and take many courses using MLS.  I enjoyed this course on comps with PropStream, I will be using the PropStream platform along with the MLS.
Academy Course User

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