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Find Off-Market Properties, Make a Killer Pitch, Close Your Next Deal!

Real Estate Investors

We empower real estate investors, wholesalers, fix and flippers, and buy and hold investors with the data and tools to supercharge their business decisions!

Data for 155+ Million Properties Nationwide


With data for over 155 million properties nationwide, our information is updated daily and sourced from the MLS and public record data.

Find detailed information for any type of property, including residential, commercial, vacant land, and more!



With PropStream, find distressed properties, skip trace the homeowner’s contact information, and negotiate a killer deal.

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Fix and Flippers

Fix and Flippers

Find your next fix and flip property using one of our 120+ unique filters or 19 Quick Lists. Once you’ve found a property you’re interested in, use our Rehab Calculator to estimate renovation costs!

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Buy and Hold Investors

Buy and Hold Investors

Don’t just guess when it comes to your next investment property, target the areas with the most potential. Our Heat Map feature allows you to find the hottest areas within a city or state so you can get the highest return from your purchase.

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Target Your Ideal Demographics

In addition to our expansive data, we offer over 120 convenient search filters and
19 unique Quick Lists to help you find the exact type of homeowner you’re searching for.

Some of our most popular datasets for investors are:





Tired Landlord

Senior Owners



Marketing Made Easy


Who has time to use multiple platforms for finding leads, saving those leads, and then pitching to them? 

PropStream has everything you need to complete your marketing campaign in one convenient location.

Find Off-Market Properties on the Go

Want to continue finding motivated sellers from the convenience of your mobile device?

Our companion app allows you to Drive for Dollars, skip trace, and save properties on the go! To learn more about using the app, check out this instructional video.


Become a Certified PropStream Pro For Free!

We even offer a PropStream Academy with courses designed to help you become a certified PropStream pro. 

Some of our most popular courses for investors are:

We’re always releasing new courses so our users can sharpen their skills and increase their knowledge within the investing world.


Resources to Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition


Need a little extra help learning to utilize PropStream’s features? Or, are you just looking to expand your industry knowledge?

We have plenty of resources to keep you informed:

Pro Tip: Need to brush up on real estate terminology? We have a Glossary of Real Estate Terms for you to bookmark and refer to whenever you need a refresher!

Expert Customer Support


If you’re ready to use real estate data to create unique lead lists, get in front of better prospects, and close more deals, it’s time to start using the power of PropStream data.

Need some assistance getting started? Our expert customer support team is happy to help!

Send us an email: support@propstream.com

Give us a call toll-free: (877) 204-9040

Pro Tip: With an active PropStream subscription, you can start a live chat with support within your PropStream account at no extra charge.

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