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Finding Clients As a Private, Traditional, or Hard Money Lender

The finance industry is competitive, PropStream has the real estate data and tools you need to stand out from the competition!

Here’s Your Guide To Getting Started and Finding Clients

As you wait for the phone to ring with a client who’s interested in financing a new home, you wonder if there’s a better way to attract business. Well, there is!

Using our 19 Quick Lists in conjunction with 120+ unique search filters, you can find real estate property data for the exact demographic your lending services are suited for. Having access to every kind of real estate data, including mortgage data (loan amounts, rates, mortgage types, equity, etc), will help you consistently generate new leads and stay on top of your game.

To help you get started in your search for relevant leads, we created a guide for the filters and list combinations that will offer you the best return according to the financing options you offer!

Owners with Multiple Mortgages

Multiple Properties

If someone has multiple open mortgages for their property, they may be paying a high interest rate. 

As a lender, this owner is appealing because they may be interested in refinancing for a lower interest rate on these mortgages.

To find owners with multiple mortgages, you can search a custom Number of Open Mortgages (under "Mortgage Info" dropdown).

Pro Tip: If you want to target your search further and find homeowners with high equity, apply the "High Equity" Quick List in addition to the custom number of open mortgages.

Owner-Occupied Properties Currently Listed on the MLS

Owner occupied properties

Since these homeowners are listing their current property, they may need financing to support the purchase of a new property in the near future. 

To find owner-occupied properties currently listed on the MLS, apply these search filters:

Owner Occupied (Yes) + MLS Status (On Market)

Pro Tip: Apply the Bankruptcy or Lien Quick List in addition to the above filters to find homeowners who may need a private or hard money loan.

Homeowners With Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Within the Adjustable Period

adjustable rate mortgage

With the Fed gradually increasing interest rates, an owner with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) may be interested in converting to a fixed interest rate to lock in a set payment each month. This creates an excellent refinancing opportunity for lenders.

To find homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages, choose Adjustable Rate under the "Interest Rate Type" dropdown (find this under "Mortgage Info" in the main search menu).

Homeowners With High Interest Rates

If a homeowner has a fixed interest rate percentage that’s higher than current interest rates, they may be interested in refinancing.

With PropStream, you can add a minimum and maximum interest rate percentage to find these homeowners in minutes.

To find homeowners with high interest rates, enter a custom interest rate percentage under the "Mortgage Info" dropdown.

homeowners with high interest rates

Homeowners With Specific Loan Types

Depending on your lending services, there may be homeowners with specific loan types you want to target (e.g. Conventional, FHA, VA, Commercial, etc.). 

To target specific loan types, go to the "Loan Type" dropdown under "Mortgage Info."

Tip: You can select as many or as few of the 9 Loan Type options in PropStream as you want when you perform your search!
specific loan types

Fix and Flip Investors

Fix and Flippers

Since flippers typically look for a quick turnaround on their investment, a short-term fix and flip loan may be exactly what they're looking for. This makes them an ideal target demographic for private and hard-money lenders.

To find flippers in PropStream, use the "Flippers" Quick List.

Buy and Hold Investors

Rental owners are often on the hunt for their next investment.

If you can find a rental owner with several properties who haven't been buying in cash, you may be able to catch them before they finance their next property.

To target buy and hold investors, apply these search filters:

Non-Owner Occupied + Multiple Linked Properties (or just search for Multiple Properties owned by the same person)

Buy and Hold Investors

Exclude Cash Buyers

Cash buyers will not appear in your search results when applying this filter. If you’re trying to find a homeowner likely to finance, you'll find it helpful to confirm that they have a financing history. 

While a cash buyer may need to finance at some point, they’re not likely to take out a loan if they can pay in cash as a cash transaction is quicker, easier, and less expensive over time.

To exclude cash buyers from your search, choose the "Exclude Cash Buyers" option under Mortgage Info.

Cash Buyers

Additional Resources

Now that you know how to combine our unique search filters and Quick Lists to find homeowners who are motivated to finance or refinance a property, you can begin searching within the platform!

After identifying relevant leads, organize them into lists before skip tracing them and using one of our intuitive marketing tools for outreach.

Tip: To learn everything you need to know about skip tracing and creating your marketing campaign, check out our Academy course: Real Estate Direct Marketing 101!

In addition to using PropStream to search for homeowners, join the PropStream User Community Facebook group to say “hi” to potentially secure some new customers.