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PropStream Has The Tools You Need To Grow Your Real Estate Business

PropStream Features

Comprehensive property data for every step of your real estate investment strategy. PropStream is the all-in-one solution to manage your growing business. Don’t settle for having to use multiple systems or having inaccurate data.


Target Quality Leads for Your Real Estate Business

Ever felt like finding the perfect property or the right buyer was like searching for a needle in a haystack? Say goodbye to the old ways and welcome PropStream! Access 155+ million properties nationwide, MLS data, and public records to find the best deals on the market. Streamline searches with 120+ filters, amplify your offers by estimating renovations with our rehab calculator, and collect the contact information you need to connect directly with homeowners using skip tracing. From marketing essentials to our List Automator and a free academy, PropStream is your all-in-one real estate companion. Experience PropStream today with a 7-day free trial!

Comprehensive Nationwide Data

Having the right data is critical to making informed decisions. PropStream’s nationwide property data is multi-sourced from county recordings, MLS records, and private data sources, giving you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database available of over 155 million properties.

Get the details you need by searching for nearly any property address across the country. PropStream gives you access to detailed information – such as Ownership Information, Property Details, Mortgage History, Tax information, MLS Details, nearby Comps, and much more.

Real-time nationwide MLS search

Generate Targeted Leads

PropStream allows you to instantly generate targeted leads and marketing lists using any combination of 120+ property search filters and statuses. Set your own filters or chose pre-filtered quick lists to help you find motivated sellers, including:
  • On-Market or Off-Market Listings
  • Pre-foreclosure Filings and Public Auctions
  • Failed Listings
  • Foreclosed Properties & Bank Owned
  • Vacant Properties
  • Tax Liens
  • HOA & Mechanic’s Liens
  • Cash Buyers
  • High Equity
  • Mortgage and Interest Rates
  • Free & Clear Properties
  • Non-Owner Occupied Properties
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Divorce Filings
  • Flippers
  • Pre-Probate (Deceased Data)
  • Zombie Properties
  • Senior Owners
Marketing data and tools for realtors

Accurate Comps to Evaluate Properties

Accurate comps for property evaluations

Having accurate comparable sales (comps) is key to determining a property’s true value. PropStream provides up-to-date comps from public recordings and local MLSs to help you get the most current and accurate comp valuation available. Don’t leave anything to chance. Pinpoint the precise neighborhoods and compare the right properties using PropStream’s enhanced filters and drawing tools, including:

  • County Recordings
  • MLS Comps
  • Drawing Tools
  • Average Days on Market (DOM)
  • Flip Comps
  • Neighbor Info
  • Comps Reports
  • Layout Management

Estimate Costs With the Rehab Calculator and ADU Calculator

ADU Calculator - Fields Selected and Results Shown

As a real estate professional, every investment you make regarding time and money is crucial for a worthwhile return. With our rehab cost calculator and ADU cost calculator, you can estimate costs for a range of renovations and the addition of an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in just minutes.

Additionally, you can tailor your calculators with criteria like material quality and it will provide estimates based on the specific zip codes you’d like to build in!


Accurate and Up-to-Date Recordings

Whether you are a flipper looking for vacant properties with out of state owners, a wholesaler targeting distressed properties with tax liens, or an agent looking for properties with the highest likelihood to sell, PropStream can do that and more. Our powerful search filters allow you to quickly Search, Save, and Market to your target lists, all with a few clicks. PropStream’s filters and statuses include:


Ownership Info

Owner Type
Owner Mailing Address
Ownership Length
# of Properties Owned
Out of State/Out of Country Owner
Linked Properties

Property Characteristics

Property Types
Property Classifications
Property Details (Bed, Bath, etc)
# of Stories
# of Units (Multi-Family)
School Districts
Homeowner Associations (HOA/COA)

Sales History

Sale Prices and Dates
Seller Info
Buyer Info
Mortgage and Interest Rates
Assessed Value

MLS Details

Sales Data
Failed Listings
Listing Pictures
List Price and History
Agent Description
Keyword(s) Search
Active, Pending, and Contingent Records


Mortgage Info

Open Mortgages
Mortgage History
Loan Balances
# of Open Mortgages
LTV Ratios
Seller Carry Backs

Lien and Foreclosure Details

Filing Dates
Delinquency Amounts
Auction Dates
Opening Bids
Default Releases
Lien Types

Tax Info

Assessed Values
Property Taxes
Tax Exemptions
Land Values
Improvement Values
Tax History
Delinquent Flags

Mobile App

Address Search
Drive Features
Google Maps®
Session Recording
Drive History
Homeowner Skip Tracing
Built-in Marketing

Contact Property Owners


You have found a potential property, now what? PropStream makes it easy for you to reach the property owner directly, helping you to close more deals faster. Our built-in Skip Tracing feature, now with free DNC scrubbing, provides homeowner phone numbers and emails, for quick and easy contact. Prefer to send a postcard? We’ve got you covered. Our accurate owner mailing addresses and built-in postcard feature helps ensure that you get in front of your prospects quickly.

Automate Your Leads with List Automator®

Managing your lead lists is time-consuming. And marketing to old leads can be extremely costly. PropStream’s List Automator feature does the work for you. Automating your lists ensures it is scrubbed for accuracy, which saves time and money so you can concentrate on closing deals. List Automator will automatically add new leads that match your search criteria, while also removing leads that no longer do - safeguarding your list for accuracy and currency.

Have an old list that needs to be refreshed? We are here for you! PropStream will append your lists obtained from another service with the most current information available. Simply import your lists and PropStream will automatically update your lists daily with the newest information.

Easily build real estate marketing lists with AUTOMATOR®

Targeted Marketing

Property owner receiving offer to purchase

PropStream’s built-in Marketing feature allows you to quickly engage with owners and generate investment-ready leads. You can target your lists with built-in postcard generators, email systems, and more. Our array of options helps make sure you get to your prospects first and fast. With PropStream’s list management and marketing tools, you can:

  • Create Lists 
  • Manage Lists with List Automator
  • Manage Contacts
  • Add Status Tags
  • Skip Trace (Phone & Email)
  • Create Marketing Campaigns
  • Design Postcards & Mail
  • Generate Emails
  • Create a Landing Page

Build Your Team

Having a team means you can do more in less time. PropStream allows you to add Team Members to assist with your day-to-day tasks – such as generating lists, evaluating properties, running comps and more. A Team Member can be anyone, such as a person in your office or a Virtual Assistant (VA). Once you add a Team Member, you can set their permissions, giving them access only to what you want them to have. PropStream lets you collaborate with your team by allowing you to:

  • Add Team Members
  • Add Scouts
  • Set Permissions
  • Access Mobile
  • Assign Properties
  • Add Status Tags
Property investment marketing tools

PropStream Goes Mobile

Propstream mobile app finding real estate data

Imagine having all the real estate information you need, right in the palm of your hand. Now when you’re in the field or out driving for dollars, you can access the power of PropStream right from your phone or tablet. Get all the same great features, including Property Details, Owner Contact Information, and Comps, or just set the app to Drive and let PropStream Mobile work for you. Find a property while you’re driving - run a Skip Trace and send a Postcard right from your phone. The PropStream mobile app gives you access to:

  • Address Search
  • Geo-Location
  • Set Features & Drive
  • Google Maps®
  • Session Recording
  • Favorites
  • Drive History
  • Homeowner Skip Tracing
  • Built-In Marketing
PropStream iPhone App
PropStream Android App

Demographics, Trends, and Analytics

Understanding market trends is key to staying ahead of the game in a fast-paced market. With an array of heat maps, overlays and reporting tools, PropStream lets you visually see what the current market looks like, helping you to quickly identify the next hot spots. Once you’ve identified your target areas, find the right properties that meet your investment objectives with our filters, drawing tools and reports.

  • Heat Map Overlays
    • Estimated Value
    • MLS Stats
    • Price Growth
    • Rental Values
  • Neighborhood Statistics
    • Monthly Price Change
    • Monthly Rent Change
    • Average Days on Market
    • New Listings
    • New Sales
    • New Delinquencies
Equity & Values
  • Estimated Property Values
  • Estimated Rental Income
  • Estimated Equity
  • Growth Rates
Localized demographics up to a 1-mile radius of the subject property:
  • Housing Type (Percentage of Renters vs Owners)
  • Income
  • Average Income
  • Employment Level Information
  • Income Brackets
  • Total Population
  • Household Composition
  • Highest Education Level
  • Commute
  • Rehab Estimates
  • Analysis Reports
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Comps Reports
  • Complete Market Analysis (CMA) Report
  • View Mortgage Documents*
  • View Property Deeds*
  • County Assessor’s Maps*

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PropStream allows you to do more, without having multiple systems. With PropStream, you have access to more features, accurate data, and analytics than any other solution. Try it for yourself free for 7 days and discover the not-so-secret everyone has been talking about.