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Whether you’re a roofer looking for older homes to service or a mover looking for people who just listed a new home, PropStream offers the data you need to target homeowners as a service provider!

Find Customers Before Your Competitors

While the competition is busy blanketing every house in the region with postcards or flyers, you could be saving
time and money by narrowing your search and targeting customers who want to work with you!

To find motivated customers in your neighborhood and get your next job, use
PropStream’s 120+ search filters or 19 Quick Lists to learn:


The Age of a Home

The age of a home can tell a lot about which features need to be replaced. Roofs, windows, driveways, decks, etc., all need to be replaced periodically. With PropStream, search by “Year Built” to uncover homes that may need to be serviced by a professional like yourself.

Length of Ownership

Similar to learning the age of a home, learning the length of ownership can help you uncover homeowners in need of a service provider. For example, if someone just bought a fixer-upper in the past year, they may be ready to start renovating it and need professional help. 

Amount of Equity

Once homeowners have built up a fair amount of equity, they may be ready to take out a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) or a Home Equity Loan to improve the property. If they'd like to outsource for their projects, you may want to put yourself first in line to help!

Property Characteristics

On PropStream, you can tailor your search to include features like pools, basements, and garages. A Google Maps view allows you to see the property's exterior. This is helpful if you offer pool-related services, lawn care services, etc. because you can target homeowners who would benefit from your offerings the most.

Which Homes Are Free and Clear

When a property is “free and clear,” the owner has paid off the property. Once the property is paid off, the owner may have the budget to pay for renovations they’ve been waiting on. With no mortgage payment, these homeowners may want to outsource for the renovations.

Find Customer Leads and Reach Out to Them in One Convenient Location

Once you’ve put together a solid list of leads, PropStream makes contractor marketing easier than ever.

Here’s how you can start your marketing campaign in 3 easy steps with PropStream's add-on tools:

  1. Build Your Marketing Lists: You can stick to one marketing list or divide it to keep specific neighborhoods, types of properties, or property characteristics organized. Add List Automator to get daily updates about new leads that fit your criteria and old leads that no longer do.
  2. Skip Trace a List: Once you’ve built your lists, you can perform a skip trace, which can return up to four email addresses, landline phone numbers, and cell phone numbers for contacts with available information. 
  3. Choose Your Method of Communication: Within PropStream, you can send postcards and email campaigns in just minutes! Customize your messaging to fit specific marketing lists and track the email click-through rate right within the platform.
PropStream for Contractors

Attend a Live Webinar to Learn the Ins and Outs of PropStream

PropStream Webinars

To get the most out of your PropStream subscription, try attending a Live Webinar to learn about our wide range of features!

Webinars are live M-F at 3:00 PM pst, and each webinar offers an in-depth tutorial on a different PropStream feature. Want to watch the webinar on your own time? Check out a replay!

Head over to our Video Library for bite-sized videos to learn more about the PropStream web application and mobile application.

Here to Help Every Step of the Way

If you have a specific question about PropStream, our awesome customer support team would be happy to help:

Get Started Today

Your next customer could be waiting for you, Googling local service providers as you read this! 

Stop wasting your time and energy mass marketing to your entire region. Get contractor jobs by tailoring your efforts toward the most qualified leads.

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