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PropStream Mobile Overview - Introducing PropStream Mobile

Introducing PropStream Mobile, the most robust real estate application on the market! Our companion app puts the power of PropStream right into the palm of your hands. Search, analyze property details, run comparables, and skip trace on the go.

Video Transcript: PropStream Mobile

Welcome to the PropStream drive for dollars mobile app! When you log in, please note that the mobile app toolbar is located at the very bottom and there are just five icons you need to worry about. 

  1. Search: this is where you’ll be able to search by an address, an APN, or use our geolocation feature
  2. Favorites: this is where any properties you mark as a favorite within the PropStream mobile app will be stored
  3. Drive: this is where you can find our unique "Driving for Dollars" feature
  4. History: this is where any properties that you click on or search will be stored 
  5. More: this will give you access to your account profile

On the “Search” page, you’ll have three ways to search for a property. Either by typing a specific address (when you do a recommendation will appear below the search bar. Click that recommendation to search the address and see the property details.) The next option is to search by the APN. You need to provide the county where that property resides followed by the APN number. Finally, we have a geolocate feature, which will show where you are located at the current moment. This feature allows you to zoom in and out on the map to select any nearby parcels in your area. 

Now let’s go into the details of the property. From here, you will be able to see the same details as you would on the PropStream desktop application. At the very top, on the black bar, you’ll see the property address, APN, and property characteristics. You can also tag with the tag icon at the very top, as well as apply statuses such as “Follow up” or “Offer accepted.” Once you’ve added tags, applied statuses, written notes, or assigned the property to team members, click "Apply" and this information will be successfully stored. You can even view the tags from the desktop version. 

The heart icon allows you to favorite the property, which will save it into the “Favorites” page on the mobile application. It will also be viewable from within the “My Properties” page on the desktop version of PropStream. Below the heart icon and black bar with property characteristics, you will see any MLS photos that are available and by swiping left or right, you will be able to review all the pictures. 

Below the photos, you will find the same details as the desktop version, from the property details to tax information to any other transactional situations, like a cash sale or if the property is on the MLS. Transaction history documents are also purchasable, so feel free to purchase any documents within the platform. If you would like to see more details while analyzing a property on the mobile application, click the black bar at the very top of the details window to collapse the photos and allow you to see more property details. You can also turn your phone horizontally and it’ll provide you with more detailed information.

To the right of details, you’ll have the ability to run comps right on the spot. Feel free to use our filters for the comping, which are located just to the left of the gear icon. You can also view and print reports. You have the ability to look at the opportunity, which shows estimated equity. There is mortgage information and any potential liens that may be associated with the property. You have the ability to skip trace the property, send postcards, and purchase documents as well. All of these features can be found on the "Details" page of a property using the PropStream mobile application.

PropStream mobile also offers a "Driving for Dollars" feature. This will allow you to set filters and drive to properties that meet predetermined criteria within a specified radius. Once you select “Set Filters and Drive” you’ll be given the same filters you’re already familiar with on our desktop application. This enables you to craft a motivated seller or buyer list within a certain radius around your current position. Once all of your filters have been set, including a mile radius to search inside, hit the "Apply" button and PropStream is going to search for those properties within that radius. 

The results will appear on the map indicated by pins, as well as in a list below. Being able to apply filters while driving for dollars is a fantastic way to identify potential leads that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. If a property catches your attention, click on it to view the details page and save it into your mobile favorites. Once you’re done driving for dollars, hit the "End" option and the application will ask if you would like to save the drive. You can name the drive and save it into the “More” page of the application, where all previous drives can be reviewed. 

This is the PropStream mobile application! If you want to learn more about PropStream mobile, be sure to check out our webinar schedule and attend the next presentation on the phone app.