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Jul 29, 2021 PropStream

Capture More Leads in Less Time With List Automator

Did you know that exporting your marketing lists to a spreadsheet program could be costing you time and even costing you new leads?

While possible, manually manipulating data in a spreadsheet program is simply not efficient in today’s world of Big Data. Updating your offline “master lists” with new list data is time-consuming and prone to data entry errors. Plus, in a fast-paced market where homes are being listed and sold within just a few weeks (or even days), the lag time between the information hitting the market and getting to your offline spreadsheets could cost you leads. 

Instead, try List Automator® to capture more leads in less time. 

What Is List Automator?

List Automator is PropStream’s proprietary software feature that automates your list management and list stacking. In other words, you can set your list criteria and List Automator will automatically update your lists as new information becomes available.

But don’t worry; you’re still in control. List Automator will show you what’s changed, like new listings or pending sales, and you can decide whether you want to add, remove, or update the properties on your lists.

What Are the Key Advantages of List Automator?

There are several key advantages to List Automator. 

First, you won’t need to constantly run new lists or update offline lists. This saves you lots of time. 

You won’t miss potential leads due to any discrepancy between your offline lists and the up-to-date data. All new leads that meet your criteria will be captured on your lists thanks to List Automator. 

Plus, your marketing dollars will be spent on up-to-date leads, which helps you maximize your marketing ROI. No more wasting your marketing budget reaching out about properties that no longer meet your criteria. 

You can even import your own properties, and List Automator will automatically update all your lists. So if you’ve been keeping your own data, you can import that right into your PropStream lists. This allows you to retarget old leads rather than lose them. 

List Automator also allows you to hyper-focus and refine your lists before you take action. The 12 most common filters used by agents and investors are already preloaded to give you an insightful overview of your data and help you cross-reference your lists before creating your marketing campaign. The 12 filters include popular options such as:

  • Active on the MLS
  • Sold
  • Vacant
  • High equity, low equity, or negative equity
  • Pre-foreclosure or bank owned
  • Liens and bankruptcies
  • Homes owned free-and-clear

What if the 12 preset filters don’t meet your unique needs? You can change them. Choose among and or combine PropStream’s 120-plus filters to find the right fit for you.

Is List Automator a Good Fit for Me?

If your real estate business requires you to stay up to date on changing market conditions, List Automator is an affordable and effective way to do it. List Automator is an excellent fit for real estate agents, brokers, and investors who want updated information at their fingertips with minimal manual manipulation and input.

With today’s automated solutions, there’s no reason to waste time exporting lists to update manually or risk missing new leads. Add List Automator to your PropStream account today to capture more leads in less time.

If you want to learn more about List Automator - make sure you join our weekly webinars.

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Published by PropStream July 29, 2021