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Sep 17, 2020 PropStream

Why Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Brokers Need List Automator

Smart marketers use a wide range of media to reach prospects and find and sell properties. Finding new sources of business is especially challenging today, particularly in hot and up-and-coming real estate markets. As the market becomes more competitive, having a clean, updated and highly qualified targeted list is more important now than ever.

You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by directing your messages to the people most likely to sell or buy.  

People’s situations change every day. They are off-market one day, listed for sale the next, or suddenly the property is vacant and then occupied or facing foreclosure before selling fast. These factors significantly reduce your chances of acquisition. Marketing to these unqualified prospects is a waste of time and money.

The Right List Is the Key to Making Deals

When you can reach out to specific and unique prospects with an introduction or a timely offer, you gain an immediate advantage.

Successful real estate investors, agents and brokers use their lists in integrated and creative ways. This means using targeted social media, outbound calling, ringless voicemail marketing, direct mail and email, along with traditional channels such as advertising and signage. These efforts are costly — both in dollars and in your time and energy.

In any of your marketing efforts, the tools you use makes all the difference. And, in all these channels where you're connecting with prospects, the quality of your list is critical to success. If you're using an outdated list or one that includes duplicate names, you're wasting your precious marketing budget.

The New List Automator Ensures Your List Is Up-to-Date and Qualified

New marketing tools enable smart real estate professionals to select the specific audience you're trying to reach.

PropStream's new and first-of-its-kind List Automator enables real estate professionals to create lists from our highly-accurate database and easily add new records that meet their criteria, as well as remove records that no longer fit that criteria — all automatically. With a few clicks you can automate:

  • Adding new properties that match your desired criteria to your lists
  • Identifying key situations you will want to pay more attention to or avoid
  • Removing properties that no longer match your criteria

List Automator Provides a Competitive Edge

Many real estate professionals still compile lists manually or buy lists from outdated sources. They often take a "spray and pray" approach by marketing several times to property owners over the course of several months.

Marketing professionals have proven over time that having a clean list with the ability to segment can have a significant impact on response rates and sales. The goal is to market smarter, not harder. List Automator does that selection for you, scrubbing your list to ensure accuracy, and saving you money so you can spend more time on the actual selling/buying process.

If you already have a PropStream account, add List Automator to your subscription here. If you haven't unlocked the full power of PropStream for access to nationwide property, ownership and mortgage data, analytics and marketing tools, get started now with your seven-day free trial.

Published by PropStream September 17, 2020