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How to Import Your Lead List Into List Automator

If you already have lead lists saved to your computer, import them directly into PropStream and we’ll update your list with our data. Using the List Automator import, users can determine the quality of the lists they already have while using PropStream’s suite of tools. Click the import button from the “My Properties” page and follow the prompts to upload your lead list.

To learn more about how to import lists into List Automator, check out this video:

Video Transcript: Importing Lists

Here is how to import a list and append PropStream’s data to it. This is a great feature if you have an old list and want it updated or if you aren't sure what's in your list, you can apply filters to isolate what you want to target and remove what you don't. First, go to the "Properties" page and click on the import list button. Then there are only three simple steps to load your file. 

Step one: Download a spreadsheet template. We need the data in a precise layout in order to ingest the addresses and map them to our database.

Step two: Copy your lists over to our template. 

Step three: Click on “Choose File” and upload your lists. Now, you can add the imported records to an already existing list or create a brand new one. Then select “Save.”

The screen will automatically refresh every 15 seconds, showing how many records have been processed, identifying how many were successfully matched to our database and how many failed. We will send you an email notification when it completes or check back at any time.

Once the files are complete, you can access a report that will detail which addresses were successfully appended and which ones failed with the reason why, allowing you to isolate the ones that fail to research further and try again. Once your list has been uploaded and the information has been appended, you can simply export the data by clicking on the lists, customizing your layouts and fields of information, selecting your desired results, and then clicking on “Export.” 

Skip trace or send postcards by clicking on “New Campaign.” Or you can set your imported lists to be monitored so records can be flagged or removed automatically if they no longer meet your desired criteria, such as recently sold, on-market listings, or when a property becomes occupied if you’re targeting vacant properties. To do this, watch how to set up alerts and automations. Thank you for choosing PropStream.