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How to Save Real Estate Leads to a Marketing List in PropStream

Once you’ve searched in your target market and applied the desired filters, you can save your real estate leads into a marketing list. This will store the properties in the list management area of PropStream, called “My Properties.” To save your marketing list, select the records you want to save by clicking their corresponding checkboxes. Or, you can bulk select all of your results by clicking the box next to "Unique Properties." Then click the "Add to List" button to save your search results to a list in your PropStream account.

To learn more about how to save a marketing list in PropStream, check out this video:

Video Transcript: Save a Marketing List

To save your property search results to a marketing list, simply select the records individually by checking off the blank box next to each record. You may also select all the results by clicking on the box just to the left of "Records."

Once your results of off-market and on-market properties have been selected, click on the "Add to List" option. At this point, you will be able to apply your search results to an existing marketing list or create an entirely new one. Finally, click "Save" and your list will now be sent to the “My Properties” page.