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How to Create Lists Within Lists Using List Automator

Create a list within a list and easily isolate diamonds in the rough. Quickly see unique opportunities you may have otherwise missed. With List Automator, users are granted access to summary boxes located across the top of the “My Properties” page. These boxes are customizable and can be set to any of our 120+ filters, so you can strategically campaign according to specific motivations.

To learn more about creating lists within lists, check out this video:

Video Transcript: Creating Lists Within Lists Using List Automator

Here is how to create a list within a list. This helps to isolate those diamonds in the rough or strategic campaigns targeted to certain situations. First, click on a marketing list. You will now see ten additional boxes at the top of your screen, populated next to "Total on Market" and "Just Sold."

These boxes are set with some basic filters, but each one of them can be renamed and changed. Make the filter as broad or as detailed as you want. Pull lists of non-owner occupied properties and isolate the out-of-state owners versus within-state versus local. Group properties that have high equity or low equity or are free and clear. The options are limitless!

Find your diamonds in the rough. Thank you for choosing PropStream.