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PropStream Quick List Definitions

A quick list contains pre-set filters to target a specific identified audience. You can apply additional filters on top of a Quick List to make it more targeted or specific to your needs.


A Quick list within PropStream that identifies delinquent or distressed properties scheduled to be sold at Auction. The Auctions list identifies properties that currently have a Notice of Trustee’s Sale or Notice of Sheriff’s Sale filed against them.

Bank Owned

Also known as REO (Real Estate Owned) or a Foreclosure. This list Identifies properties owned by a lender, such as a bank, that was not successfully sold at auction and has been repossessed by the lender.


Identifies all properties where one of the owner’s has an Active Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing.

Cash Buyers

Identifies properties that were purchased through an all-cash transaction (i.e. no mortgage).


Identifies all properties where the owner has been flagged as having a divorce filing.

Failed Listings

Identifies properties that were listed for sale on the MLS, however the listing was removed or deactivated without the property being sold.


Identifies a property that is currently for sale on the MLS that was purchased within the last 24-months (i.e. a property being “flipped”).

Free & Clear

Identifies properties that currently have no open mortgages.

High Equity

Identifies properties that have either (i) 50% or more equity (ii) Less than 50% Loan-to-Value Ratio (iii) $100,000 or more in equity.


Identifies properties with an involuntary lien recorded against the property. This includes Tax Liens (Federal, State, Local), HOA Liens, Mechanics Lien, etc.

On Market

Identifies properties currently listed on the MLS with a status of Active, Pending or Contingent.


Identifies properties that have missed mortgage payment(s) and where a default document has been filed by the lender. Pre-foreclosure document types include Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, Notice of Trustee’s Sale (Auction) or Notice of Sheriff’s Sale (Auction).

Pre-Probate (Deceased Owners)

Pre-Probate identifies all properties where one of the owners on a property title has been identified as being deceased. 

Senior Owners

Identifies properties where the current ownership (i) exceeds 25 years or (ii) the property owner has a senior tax exemption or (iii) the current owner has an open reverse mortgage.

Tax Delinquency

Identifies properties where the county Tax Assessor has indicated that the owner has failed to pay their property taxes on time.

Tired Landlords

Identifies non-owner-occupied properties (i.e. rentals) where the current ownership exceeds 15 years.


Identifies properties currently flagged as being Vacant by the US Postal Service.

Vacant Land

A parcel of land that does not contain any physical structures on it.

Zombie Properties

Identifies properties that are currently in Pre-Foreclosure and the property has been flagged as being Vacant by the US Postal Service.