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Buy and Hold Investors

Find Rental Leads, Secure a Great Deal, and Earn Passive Income

Class is in Session: Learn How to Find Rental Properties With Our Free Academy

For self-paced, bite-sized lessons on the basics of finding rental properties, take our free Academy course.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use real estate data to find rental properties
  • Choose a market for your investment
  • Obtain financing for your buy and hold property 

And more!

We also have Live Webinars Monday-Friday at 3 pm PT to help you learn how to use all of PropStream’s features like a pro.

Use PropStream to Find a Rental Property in 6 Simple Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Search Region

With PropStream, you can find properties in a specific city, county, zip code (search up to five zip codes), address, or APN to narrow your results.

Pro Tip: Want to target an even smaller area, like a street or even a side of a street? Use our Draw Tool!

Choose your location with PropStream

Step 2: Study Your Market


Studying markets of interest will help you uncover the average rental costs in the region as well as growth opportunities, ensuring you’re making the wisest investment decision.

We suggest getting a thorough understanding of your market before spending too much time saving leads or reaching out. If you examine a market that doesn’t offer the potential you’re looking for, you may want to head back to step 1 and select a new region.

Step 3: Apply Your Search Filters and/or Quick Lists

Once you’ve found a great rental market, it’s time to narrow your search even further!
We offer over 120 search filters and 19 unique Quick Lists to help buy and hold investors find the best rental leads. 

Helpful Filters For Buy and Hold Investors

Gross Yield (5%)

Custom Estimated Rental Amount

Growth % (3.5% over 12 months)

Vacant (Quick List)

Pre-Foreclosure (Quick List)

Tax Delinquency (Quick List)

Step 4: Create Your Marketing Lists

With PropStream, you can organize your leads into lists based on certain criteria, like:

  • Geographic location
  • Potential selling motivation
  • Average rental amount

Or any other criteria you prefer.

Pro Tip: With List Automator, you can have new leads that match your search criteria sent straight to your inbox. Also, List Automator will notify you of leads that no longer fit your search criteria, so you can remove them from your lists if you choose.


Step 5: Evaluate Potential Rehab Costs

Some rental properties may require some TLC before you can get tenants in.

Our built-in Rehab Calculator offers estimates for hundreds of projects, making it easy to budget for any potential renovations before you take the time to reach out to the owner.

Step 6: Get in Touch

You’ve chosen your rental market, made some solid lead lists, and budgeted for potential renovations. Now, it’s time to start connecting with your leads.

PropStream offers a variety of tools to help you get in touch:

  • Skip Tracing: In just minutes, collect email addresses and phone numbers for select homeowners.
  • Email Campaigns: You can send targeted email campaigns to each of your lead lists and track the click-through rates in the platform.
  • Postcards: We offer a variety of professionally-designed templates, or you can create your own design.
  • Free landing page: Every investor needs a place to direct leads to after a phone call, text, postcard, or email so they can learn more. Make a free page in PropStream!

Pro Tip: Our landing page function is free with a standard PropStream subscription. However, some of our other marketing tools are add-ons. Check out our Pricing page to learn more about the costs of each option.

Connect with Buyers.

PropStream Mobile

Propstream mobile app finding real estate data

Work on the go with PropStream mobile!

With PropStream mobile, you can:

  • Use geo-location to find nearby properties
  • Save properties in one “Mobile Favorites” folder that is accessible from your web application
  • Track the areas you’ve driven through using our “Drive for Dollars” function
  • Perform skip traces
  • Search specific addresses

Customer Support is Here to Help

If you need a little more assistance learning how to use PropStream’s features, customer support is here to help!

Pro Tip: A live chat option is also available with an active PropStream subscription.

Customer Service

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