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Using the Drive function within PropStream Mobile

There are two options to choose from when Driving for Dollars with PropStream mobile. The first option is to set filters and drive, which will allow you to set a radius around you to help you build a list. The second option, just drive, will show you the exact route you’ve taken in real-time. Then you can log your route and the properties you save along the way.

Video Transcript: Driving for Dollars with PropStream Mobile

Welcome to driving for dollars with PropStream. To start, select the "Drive" option from the toolbar in your mobile application. Note that you can record the activity you’re about to perform. The recorded log will then be stored in the “More” page under the "Mobile Activity Drive Log."

The first option is to set filters and drive, which allows you to search a radius around you and build a list. Start by selecting this option and you’ll be shown the PropStream filter menu. Select your search criteria using the same filters you’ve grown to know and love on the desktop version of PropStream. Once your filters have been selected, make sure to select a radius at the top, then tap the "Apply" button at the very bottom.

In a few moments, PropStream will populate the properties that fit your criteria within the radius that you specified, displaying them on a map and in a list below. You can zoom out on the map to see where these properties are located. The pins on the map will be numbered and each number corresponds to the list below. Now you can tap on any of your results to see the property details page, where you can save the property, view comps to get an after repair value, see the opportunity, skip trace for contact information, or even send the homeowner a postcard. 

At the bottom of the app, you’ll see a blue status bar while driving for dollars. This bar will highlight the duration and distance of the drive, while also allowing you to edit the current filters. Finally, the "End" button will stop the current drive and prompt you to name the recording so it can be saved into your mobile activity drive log. Remember, all of the recorded drives will be saved on the “More” page. 

The second option is to just drive. This feature will log your route and the properties being saved along the way. It allows you to pull up to a property and view the details by tapping on the parcel. From here, you will be able to vet the property by going into the details and saving the property by clicking the heart icon in the upper right-hand corner.

This is how to use the driving for dollars feature on PropStream mobile. To learn more about all the features the phone application offers, check out the complete overview video.