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How To Run Comps On PropStream Mobile

PropStream’s user-friendly comping tools can be found in the desktop version as well as the app From the property details, just select “Comps” and you will be able to calculate the after repair value of a property. You can also view neighboring properties to gain local knowledge or view cash buyers around each property.

Video Transcript: PropStream Mobile Comps

The comp section is where you will be able to calculate the after-repair value (ARV) of a property using public records. You can also view neighboring records to gain local knowledge or view the cash buyers around the subject property. The three horizontal bars below the comps box will let you view the report or save the comps.

Selecting the view report button will generate a PDF document reflecting the comps that have been selected. At the bottom of the report, you can select "Save," which stores the report into the “Docs” section, but also locks in the filters that were applied. The last option is "Share," which will let you share notes, the comps report, and any other available documents with a team member or external contact. 

To the right of the horizontal bars is the filter icon. This feature lets you apply filters to isolate sold comps to find records that are nearly identical to the subject property. Whether you need to increase or decrease the sale date range, the search distance, apply property characteristics, or perhaps include MLS active and pending listings, these filters are here to help. Just be sure to select "Apply" down below.

To the right of the filter icon is the gear icon. This feature will allow you to customize and save the layout of how the results are presented. More than one layout can be saved and any one of them can be made the default layout when viewing the comps of any property. Below, you will be able to select what headers you want, change the size of the columns, and by tapping then holding down a column header, you can rearrange the column position. Be sure to select "Apply" or "Apply and Save" to lock in any changes you have made.

In the center of the app, you will see the summary informing you of the number of comps selected, the average sale price of the selected records, and the average price per square foot. Finally, below the summary, you will be able to view the comp results. This area will allow you to select all or deselect the comps that have been isolated after applying your filters. Users may also tap on any of the comps to see a brief description of the property. From there, they may click on the image of the property to view additional photos or select details to view the details of that comp.

We understand that the results may be a bit tight in terms of space and viewing details, so feel free to tap on the black bar at the top to collapse the map and space out your comp results a bit more. You may also turn your smart device horizontally to see more details.