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Skip Tracing with PropStream Mobile

The phone application puts the power of PropStream right in your pocket, which even includes skip tracing. You can acquire a landline, cell phone number, or email address for a property owner while on the go. Please keep in mind that mobile skip tracing requires prepaid credits, so be sure to add those from the web app before going out into the field.

Video Transcript: PropStream Mobile Skip Tracing

The first step with skip tracing with PropStream's mobile app would be to search the property by address, APN, or geolocate. Once you're in the property details, locate the skip trace icon and tap run skip trace. A pop-up will inform you that your PropStream wallet will be deducted a fee and will also display your wallet amount.

To add credits to your wallet, go to the settings page within the desktop version and locate the prepaid credits option at the bottom right of the profile/billing settings tab. Now let's go back to the mobile app and select Proceed to continue. In a few moments, the homeowner's contact information will be displayed and, at no additional cost, PropStream will even inform you of the phone numbers registered on the Do Not Call list.

Numbers and emails are also hyperlinked, so you can call the homeowner immediately or send an email using your email application. This is how you can skip trace using the PropStream phone application. Be sure to check out all the amazing features on PropStream mobile, like our simple and seamless driving for dollars.