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Running a Property Search On PropStream Mobile

Search for any property nationwide with PropStream Mobile. You can search by address, APN, or use geolocation to view properties and select them directly from the map. You can get a bird’s eye view of any market across the United States.

Video Transcript: Searching on PropStream Mobile

The three searches you can perform with the PropStream mobile app are address, APN, and geolocate. The address search is meant for you to type in a specific address. Note that as an address is being typed in, PropStream will provide suggestions to help you get to the property details much faster. 

APN search will let you apply the county and APN number of the property you’re looking for. Once both the county and APN are applied, tap “Lookup APN” to find the property details. It’s essential to include the county, APNs are not unique nationwide, they are only unique per county.

Geolocate will show your exact location on the map and allows you to click on any parcel nearby to view the property details. You can also use the magnifying glass icon to search for specific addresses or areas nationwide. To reset your search, click the arrow icon below the magnifying glass and this will return the map back to your exact location. 

These are the three search options on PropStream mobile! To learn even more about our phone application, check out the complete overview video or attend one of our live training webinars.