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How to Save a Property with PropStream Mobile

Just like the PropStream web app, our mobile version allows you to save properties. Simply open up “Property Details” on your phone then click the heart icon in the upper right corner. These records will appear on the desktop version in a folder called “Mobile Favorites.”

Video Transcript: Saving on PropStream Mobile

To save a property within your mobile app, you first need to get to the details of that property. Go ahead and search by address, APN, or use the geolocate feature.

From here, go into the property details. Now, locate the heart icon at the top right of the property details and tap on it. This will now indicate that the property has been saved. Once a property has been saved, it will be stored in your “Favorites” page on the phone application. It will also be sent to the mobile folder on the “My Properties” page of the PropStream desktop version.

That is how you can save properties using the PropStream phone application! To learn how to search properties, check out our video about running a property search on PropStream mobile.