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May 01, 2024 PropStream

Why Cash Buyers Are Great Leads for Agents

In January 2024, the real estate landscape witnessed a significant shift as the share of U.S. homebuyers paying all cash surged to a decade-high of 32%

This uptick, fueled partly by the recent rise in mortgage rates, presents a unique opportunity for savvy real estate agents to capitalize on a growing market segment—cash buyers!

This article delves into what defines cash buyers, the advantages of working with them, how to find them, and more. 

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Find Cash Buyer Leads the Easy Way—PropStream It!

Key Takeaways:

  • Cash buyers purchase properties with cash instead of leaning on financing.

  • For real estate agents, working with cash buyers provides various benefits, such as quicker and potentially smoother transactions, a lower chance of the deal falling through due to lack of financing, and potential repeat business if the cash buyer doubles as an investor.

  • PropStream makes it easy to find cash buyers in your region and reach out.

What Is a Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer purchases a property outright with cash rather than financing it with a mortgage. 

Consequently, their offers don’t include financing contingencies (i.e., they aren’t conditional on mortgage approval), and the transaction tends to be quicker (since fewer parties are involved). 

Benefits of Working With Cash Buyers as an Agent

While many home sellers favor cash buyers, real estate agents can benefit from working with them. Consider the following advantages: 

Faster transactions. Cash offers can streamline the sale process by removing the need to involve lenders and alleviating appraisal concerns (many lenders condition their loan offers on the property’s assessed value). This can lead to less paperwork and a faster closing, allowing agents to move on to their next opportunity quicker, close more deals, and increase their yearly earnings. 

Certainty of sale. Cash buyers are less likely to back out of a deal due to financing issues, reducing the risk of the sale falling through. This can lead to a smoother transaction process and help ensure you don’t waste time and effort on fruitless leads. 

Negotiation power. Since sellers tend to prefer cash offers (for the above reasons), agents may have more negotiation power when representing cash buyers. For example, you might secure a lower sales price or better purchase terms for your client, which can build your reputation as an effective agent.

Repeat business potential. Since cash transactions usually require considerable wealth, cash buyers are often investors who engage in multiple sales per year. This means they are also an opportunity for repeat business. If you become their go-to agent, you may have a steady stream of clientele.

Referral opportunities. Cash buyers may refer you to others in the industry, leading to even more business. Conversely, you can potentially refer cash buyer leads to other real estate professionals (or agents if they’re not a good fit for you) for a fee. 

Tips for Working With Cash Buyers

why are cash buyers preferred

Once you’ve found a cash buyer, here’s how to successfully work with them:

1. Understand their needs

Before representing a cash buyer, learn their needs and preferences. For example, are they looking for a rental property or a fix-and-flip opportunity? A clear understanding of a cash buyer’s goals can help you serve them better and win their trust. 

2. Educate them

Teach cash buyer leads about their advantaged position. Inform them of the benefits of a cash offer, potentially earning preferential treatment from sellers via lower sales prices, concessions, and better sales terms. 

3. Be prepared to move quickly

Many cash buyers want to close deals quickly. To facilitate this, ensure you keep all necessary documents readily available and promptly respond to questions from both sides of the transaction. 

4. Highlight off-market opportunities

Stay informed on market trends and leverage your network to identify off-market opportunities to share with cash buyer leads. These can include properties not yet listed on the market or distressed properties that need renovation. 

5. Provide insights on potential ROI

Most cash buyers want to maximize their return on investment (ROI). To help them assess prospective deals and make an informed decision, provide market insights, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and potential ROI calculations. 

Pro Tip: Use PropStream’s Rehab Calculator to estimate distressed properties' renovation costs accurately!

6. Manage expectations

Though cash offers tend to streamline home transactions, there could still be hurdles and complications. Manage your cash buyers’ expectations by giving them realistic timelines and scenarios and immediately address any challenges. 

7. Build a strong relationship

Cultivate strong relationships with cash buyers by understanding their needs and preferences and providing exceptional service. That way, you can earn their trust, leading to repeat business and referrals later. 

Where to Find Cash Buyers

Now that you know why cash buyers can be great leads, here’s where to find them:

Classified websites. Many online sites allow property owners to advertise their homes for sale or rent. Explore them to find listings posted by potential investors and landlords. Then, contact them to see if they need representation for future purchases. 

Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Using your MLS access, pull a list of all cash transactions over the last 90 days to identify potential investors interested in your services. 

Property Auctions. Local governments hold regular property auctions to sell foreclosed homes to the highest cash bidder. Naturally, this attracts many investors, the majority of whom are outbid and walk away with their cash still in hand. Find out when the next property auction near you is scheduled and attend to meet prospective cash buyers. 

Networking. Join a real estate investing club like your local real estate investing association (REIA). Attend online or in-person events to meet cash buyers or other industry professionals who might refer you. The more people you meet, the better. 

Public records. Your local tax assessor’s or county clerk's office can provide valuable data on homeowners and recent sales. For example, you can search for LLC owners or owners with multiple properties. These tend to be investors, who are often also cash buyers. Similarly, you can search recent home sales using the financing method to identify cash purchases. Start by searching for public records online.

Open houses for distressed properties. Search the MLS for distressed properties and attend their open houses. You’re likely to run into cash buyers looking to invest. Share your services and contact information with them. 

Or, Find Cash Buyer Leads the Easy Way—PropStream It!

how to find cash buyers

Pro Tip: Watch our webinar replay, Follow the Buyer: A Cash Buyer Webinar, to learn more about finding cash buyers on PropStream.

While various resources are available that you can scour individually to find cash buyers, why not simplify the process?

Enter: PropStream.

With PropStream, you can choose a search region and apply our “Cash Buyers” Quick List, allowing you to find any homeowner who has bought in cash in your designated location. PropStream has public records and MLS data, allowing you to get the most accurate information in the least amount of time.

Once you’ve studied the cash buyers in your region, create perfectly organized marketing lists for easy outreach later on. You can even perform a skip trace to obtain homeowner contact info and send an email or postcard from the same platform!

PropStream allows agents to work smarter, not harder, when finding a niche lead demographic. Try it for 7 days free to see why agents love our lead generation capabilities!

Psst! Each 7-day trial includes 50 complimentary leads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the biggest mistake agents make when working with cash buyers?

The biggest mistake agents make is assuming that the transaction will go smoothly. While many cash transactions do, it’s crucial to conduct due diligence still and communicate proactively with all parties involved. Otherwise, you could run into obstacles that could impede the sale.

Are there any risks associated with working with cash buyers?

Yes. Agents must verify the legitimacy of a cash buyer’s funds to ensure they can complete the transaction. They must also ensure cash buyers adhere to any regulations regarding cash transactions. Finally, fluctuations in the real estate market could affect a cash buyer’s willingness to follow through with the sale.

Is there a specific property type that cash buyers are interested in?

Cash buyers have a variety of property preferences. However, many favor distressed and off-market properties for their ROI potential. After all, these property types often sell below market value, letting cash buyers make significant potential returns with a lower upfront investment.

Where’s the best place to find cash buyer leads?

One word: PropStream. A real estate data platform like PropStream makes finding cash buyers in your region easy and more efficient!

How do I convince cash buyers to work with me as an agent?

Agents who have the most success winning over cash buyers tend to provide excellent service, demonstrate their market expertise, communicate effectively, and prove their trustworthiness. These are all traits that can be developed with time and practice. Build an excellent service, and the leads will follow. 

Published by PropStream May 1, 2024