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Mar 21, 2022 PropStream

How to Use PropStream to Get Listings

Are you sick of chasing after the same tired leads that the competition also has access to? Then it’s time to start generating unique, qualified leads for yourself!

PropStream has the multi-sourced, robust datasets, filtering capabilities, and marketing tools you need to find motivated sellers and make a killer pitch. Curious about how you can use PropStream to get listings as an agent? 

Here’s the rundown:

Take Advantage of Our Unique Search Filters and Quick Lists

Even when you search within a specific region, you may still get hundreds, or even thousands, of search results. 

Rather than marketing to everyone in the area, narrow down your search. Try filter stacking (applying a combination of our 120+ unique search filters to target a very specific demographic) and our 19 Quick Lists to find homeowners with the highest likelihood of working with a real estate agent!

Create Marketing Lists

We don’t believe that generating leads is a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead of sending you expensive pre-made lists, we provide the datasets you need to create custom lead lists with 10,000 new contacts per month! To create marketing lists to reach out to at a later date, it’s as simple as:

  1. Applying your search criteria 
  2. Selecting properties of interest (select just a few or the entire results list!)
  3. Saving to a marketing list (or lists) that you can name by region, motivation to sell, or any characteristic that helps you stay organized.

Once you’ve built your lists, you can quickly market to entire lists with one of our intuitive, easy-to-use marketing tools!

Tip: Add List Automator to stay up-to-date on fresh leads that match your desired search criteria.

Skip Tracing

Before you can start reaching out using the marketing lists you created, you’ll need to collect homeowner contact information.

With PropStream, you can perform a skip trace (a “skip trace” collects available email addresses and phone numbers) for any homeowner you’d like, with results returning in just minutes. Our information is multi-sourced from the top industry providers, leaving you with the most relevant and accurate results!

We provide up to four email addresses and phone numbers for selected homeowners. Additionally, we scrub skip traced phone numbers and flag them if they’re on the DNC (Do Not Call List) for free with any skip tracing purchase. 

Once you’ve collected the necessary contact information, start your email campaign or send a postcard right within the platform.

Fun Fact: PropStream is the only provider in the industry to offer DNC scrubbing for free with each skip trace! To learn more about our industry-leading skip tracing service, click here

Are You Ready to Increase Your Inventory?

If you’re ready to make this year the best yet, generating custom lead lists is a “must” as a motivated agent!

Want to learn more about why you should use PropStream as a real estate agent? Check out our Agent Page!

Published by PropStream March 21, 2022