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Feb 09, 2024 PropStream

3 Proven Strategies for Finding Motivated Sellers as an Agent

So, you've just stepped into the real estate world as an agent. 

The dynamic nature of this industry opens doors to financial success, personal growth, and the satisfaction of helping clients navigate one of life's most significant transactions – buying or selling a property. However, amidst the promise of a rewarding career, it's crucial to acknowledge the challenges that accompany this profession.

Real estate is a multifaceted field where success hinges not only on enthusiasm but also on possessing the proper knowledge, techniques, and resources. The ability to navigate these challenges skillfully sets successful agents apart from the rest.

This post explores three proven strategies for identifying the most worthwhile leads: motivated sellers.

Let us guide you through each of these three strategies.


1. Leveraging the MLS for Targeted Opportunities

The first method involves utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a treasure trove of properties listed by homeowners with other agents.

As an agent, your pivotal role is of a matchmaker between these listed properties and potential buyers. This involves a strategic approach to identifying prospective buyers whose needs align with the features and specifications of the properties listed on the MLS. By thoroughly understanding your clients' preferences, requirements, and financial capacities, you can effectively navigate the MLS landscape to pinpoint suitable matches.

Leveraging the MLS as a real estate agent involves more than just accessing a database; it's about strategically bridging the gap between listed properties and eager buyers.

2. Inbound Marketing: Tapping into Your Network

what is inbound marketing

The second method, which revolves around the concept of inbound marketing, represents a more personal and relationship-oriented approach for a budding real estate agent.

With this strategy, you begin by sharing the exciting news of your new venture with those closest to you – your friends and family. By informing them about your role as a real estate agent, you initiate a ripple effect that can lead to valuable connections and opportunities.

As your friends and family become aware of your expertise in real estate, they become potential advocates and ambassadors for your services. Their endorsement can significantly increase your reach, extending your influence beyond immediate circles and allowing you to become a household name in your community over time.

3. Data-Driven Direct-to-Seller Approach with PropStream

The third and most powerful method is the direct-to-seller approach. This method involves leveraging data strategically to identify motivated sellers so you can target your marketing efforts to those with the highest chances of converting into clients.

This is where PropStream comes into play, offering a robust platform to streamline your search and help you target the best leads in one convenient location.

In the past, you may have had to research each lead individually, scouring the internet for public records, social profiles, and anything else you could dig up that offers insight into a homeowner’s eagerness to sell.

With PropStream, you can perform all your research in one convenient location. With expansive datasets for 155+ million properties nationwide organized efficiently in property cards and intuitive filtering capabilities, you can find leads with your exact criteria in just minutes.

Plus, once you’ve uncovered promising leads, you can obtain contact information and create your marketing campaign within the platform as well.

How To Use PropStream to Generate Leads

What is propstream

Let's delve into the process using PropStream, broken down into five easy steps:

Step 1: Select Your Market

Start by selecting your market, whether it's a county, city, or specific zip code.

Step 2: Choose Your Search Filters

Once your results populate, customize your search using 19 Quick List options and 120+ additional search filters.

Example: Searching for homeowners with unpaid taxes (this indicates selling motivation, as the homeowner may face foreclosure if they cannot pay them).

To find this niche, utilize the following filters:

  • Tax Delinquencies (Quick List)
  • Tax lien (Lien/Bankruptcy/Divorce Status ➡️ Specific Lien Type ➡️ Tax Lien)

Want to add extra filters to increase potential selling motivation? Here are a few ideas:

  • Off Market (MLS Status On Market No)
  • Individual Owner (Ownership Info Owner Type Individual)
  • Vacant (Quick List)
⚡ Note: You can also narrow your search with criteria like years of ownership, equity percentage, property characteristics, and more! For an overview of PropStream’s search filters, check out this tutorial.


Step 3: Save Leads

After identifying promising leads, save them to marketing lists, which you can organize however you’d like (e.g., by value, selling motivation, neighborhood, owner type, etc.).

Step 4: Get Contact Information Via Skip Tracing

Use your marketing lists to run a skip trace and collect contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) for prospects you want to reach out to. You can perform a skip trace conveniently within the PropStream platform and access results in the “Contacts” section or download your results.

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Step 5: Start Your Marketing Campaign

Take it a step further with PropStream's campaign section, where you can initiate outreach efforts through postcards and emails. The platform equips you with the tools to elevate your marketing game and efficiently connect with potential sellers.

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These three strategies will help you find the most motivated sellers and scale your business as you embark on your real estate journey.

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Published by PropStream February 9, 2024