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Jan 25, 2022 PropStream

PropStream Investor Essentials: Filtering Your Search

With great data comes great responsibility!

While our robust database contains detailed property information for over 153 million properties, we understand that you may not need to access all of it at once. 

To help you save time and build marketing lists with the most qualified leads, we decided to start our Investor Essentials series by highlighting our filtering capabilities. Filtering within our system allows you to sort through specific datasets, so you’re only shown results that apply directly to you.

We have a few filters and Quick Lists that will act as powerful real estate investing tools for your unique needs. They are:


At this stage in the foreclosure process, the owner still owns the home and can sell it. 

If their home is in pre-foreclosure, they’re likely struggling to pay for the house and may need to rid themselves of it ASAP.


When an unexpected loss occurs in a family, the surviving members may be left with a property they can’t maintain.

On the heels of a major change, these homeowners may want to sell the property as quickly as possible so they can grieve without worrying about staging the property, getting professional photos, etc. 

Senior Owners:

Senior homeowners may be ready to downsize their homes if physical limitations prevent them from maintaining their property or if fewer people are living in the house than there once was.

Tired Landlord:

A “Tired Landlord” has managed and maintained a rental property for 15 years or more.

They may be ready to either manage fewer tenants or invest in a different rental property by this point.


Deemed as “vacant” by the USPS, a vacant property is owned but not lived in by the legal owner. 

If nobody is using the property, the owner may be struggling to find a buyer, potentially leaving you with little to no competition when negotiating. 


If a homeowner cannot pay for the taxes on a property, a tax lien may be placed on it. 

In this situation, the owner may be unable to manage the expenses associated with the property, prompting them to sell quickly.


If a homeowner files for bankruptcy, they are essentially unable to afford their current bills.

These owners may want to sell their homes so they can start to recover financially.


Any homeowners with a divorce filing are flagged, and that data is available within our system. 

A divorced homeowner may be motivated to sell if they can no longer afford the mortgage without a dual income or want to downsize.

Which Dataset Will You Search?

Now that you know how to get more leads in real estate using PropStream, it’s time to start searching!

Keep an eye out for the second part of our series: PropStream Investor Essentials: Organization and Add-Ons to get an in-depth look at our marketing and list-building tools.

Want to learn more about how to find motivated sellers? Check out our free Academy course: Finding Motivated Sellers!

Published by PropStream January 25, 2022