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Feb 10, 2022 PropStream

PropStream’s New Mortgage and Interest Rate Data

Complementing our existing 193+ million mortgage data points, PropStream has added additional mortgage and interest rate data! 

This new data is perfect for discovering additional homeowner situations that suggest motivation to sell as well as finding targeted leads.

Below is a brief description of the new filters, data points, and list management updates  - learn how they benefit you as an investor, agent, or lender. Keep reading to learn more:

New Filters

  • Loan Type 
  • Total Estimated Monthly Payments
  • Estimated Interest Rate 
  • Interest Rate Type
    • Fixed-Rate
    • Adjustable-Rate
    • Variable Rate
    • Step Investment Rate
    • Other 
    • Unknown

Tip: Need a little more explanation on some of the terms used in this post? Check out our Real Estate Glossary of Terms!

New Data Fields

Located On the Property Details and Mortgage & Transaction History Pages of Each Property:

  • Estimated Interest Rates
  • Interest Rate Type


List Management Updates: Exporting and Filtering Leads

Our recent updates include the ability to display or export these data fields in your list management. 

For more information, check out our latest video or attend our Tuesday Live Webinar to learn more.  


Why These Datasets Are Beneficial for Investors and Agents

First and foremost, accessing loan data allows you to understand the equity a homeowner has accumulated for a property, which gives you a leg up as you enter the negotiation process. 

On the interest rate side, accessing an owner’s interest rate data allows you to uncover any potential financial strain, adding to their list of motivators to sell.

For example, if an owner has an adjustable rate, their monthly payment will rise as interest rates increase. If the owner has other signs of financial hardship such as a lien, bankruptcy, or divorce, this increase may be enough to push them to sell.

Additionally, knowing the type of loan a homeowner has can provide background information on them which will help you break the ice during your first conversation with them. For example, if a homeowner has a VA (Veterans Association) loan, this will let you know they are a veteran, and you can thank them for their service before even getting into your pitch!


Why These Datasets Are Beneficial for Lenders

For lenders, knowing a homeowner’s interest rate combined with their equity makes them a great candidate for refinancing if they took out a loan while interest rates were higher.

Additionally, homeowners with multiple loans may be interested in consolidating these loans into one to lower their monthly payment. Homeowners may even want to move from an adjustable rate to a fixed-rate mortgage with federal interest rates set to rise.

Understanding each lead’s loan and interest rate data allows you to target your marketing efforts to find the most qualified leads! 


How Will You Use Our New Datasets?

Whether you’re looking to find homeowners with high equity, multiple loans, or to use additional data to leverage your pitch, PropStream’s new data points help you do just that.

If you’re not already subscribed, try a 7-day PropStream free trial so you can begin browsing our new datasets!

Published by PropStream February 10, 2022