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PropStream is The Most Powerful Real Estate Tool Available

The all-in-one platform that your team will actually use.

Simple, Powerful, & Complete Performance Boosting Features

Supercharge growth by connecting
sales with marketing, and much more.

Targeted Marketing Lists

Generate highly targeted lists of properties that meet your investment strategy.

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Nationwide Property Search

Smart search for any property address and unlock a wealth of detailed information.

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Comparable Home Sales

Generate comps from MLS sales and county recordings for the most current data.

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Reach more leads, book more meetings, and close more deals with less work.

Explore all the ways PropStream helps you solve all your real estate needs.

PropStream is the only professional tool that gives you the data software and analytics to solve real-world problems across the entire country!

  • Over 100+ targeting criteria to find and create lists of prospects

  • Comprehensive data and context delivering insights 

  • Visualize where your customers are and analyze your market

  • Find your next customer before they even know they’re in the market

Fill your pipeline by teaming up your sales with marketing.

See what the industry pros are raving about .

PropStream will help your business win the race for converting high-quality leads by combining marketing automation with our targeted lists and pipeline intelligence.

PropStream has your real estate solutions.
PropStream saves you time
and helps you close more deals.


Comparable Home Sales

PropStream generates INSTANT comps from multiple MLS' allowing you access To the most current and accurate analysis available.


Rehab Estimator

PropStream helps To estimate Your REAL REHAB COSTS, Ensuring Your Investment Is Protected & Supported By Real Time Data From Propstream.


Marketing Tools

Customize and send postcards and even send voicemails directly to your prospects cell phones without ringing their phone!



Stay in touch with every prospect using our
strategy to instantly boost your business solution here.

Learn why the top real estate professonals use PropStream

The leading intelligent tool for SEARCHING real estate

Boost production through increased efficiency and fewer missed opportunities.

Automated marketing

Easily & Instantly Deploy marketing directly to your prospects with PropStream's built-in Multi media marketing features!

Step-By-Step Analysis Wizard

Use PropStream’s built-in step-by-step Analysis Wizard to calculate the purchase, mortgage, income, expenses, and Price of a property.

PropStream is the software you need to fuel your businesses growth.

All of your COMPS in one place

Start having deeper insights, and give your customers what they want by learning exactly what they do (and don’t do).

Rehab Estimator

PropStream will help estimate real rehab costs before purchasing a property or hiring a service provider. Don't go blindly into any investment rehab ever again.

Find Owner information

Find owner information and use PropStream’s built-in marketing features to quickly deliver voicemails, postcards, emails and online ads directly to your prospects.

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Powerful and easy targeting for your businesses.

The most in-depth property TARGETING tool available

Boost production through increased efficiency and fewer missed opportunities. Get alerts automatically anytime a new lead fits your criteria set. Choose numerous property types such as MLS expired and failed listings, pre-foreclosures,involuntary liens, cash buyers, high equity,bankruptcy, divorce, and more. Then combine your search with hundreds of filter options to drill down even further.

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PropStream - Always be in-the-know.

ANALYTICS powered by big data

Start having deeper insights, and give your customers what they want by learning exactly what they do (and don’t do). See market performance, listings, sales rental price changes, trends, and more. Run your own analytics and watch PropStream individually isolate each property type you are looking for, right on the map!

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The Most Powerful Real Estate Tool Available

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