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How to Manage Your PropStream Lead Lists: Identifying Duplicates and Redundancies

While PropStream doesn’t allow a record to appear in the same list multiple times, it is possible for a property to appear across multiple lists simultaneously. Be sure you know how to manage your lead lists and identify any duplicates or redundancies. Keep in mind that if a property pops up on multiple lists, the homeowner may be more motivated to sell - this is called list stacking.

To learn more, check out this video:

Video Transcript: Identify Duplicates and Redundancies

With List Automator, you'll be able to identify redundancies and duplicate records by going into your “My Properties” page and clicking on a marketing list. From there, you can scroll to the very far right and locate any properties that are in multiple marketing lists, any properties that might be in a marketing campaign already, have been sent a postcard, an email, or have been skip traced. 

To isolate the duplicate records, you can use the "Marketing List" column. Here you can type in the number "one" to see all the properties in this list that are in one marketing list. Or, the numbers "two" or "three." Another way of doing this would be to click on the marketing list column header to organize it in descending order. So, the properties that are in more than one marketing list will appear at the top and it will continue downward. Each number represents how many marketing lists that property is in. If I click on this number five here, I'm going to see that this Fairwood Circle address is in five different marketing lists.

As for redundancies, to find those, we would monitor our columns pertaining to marketing campaigns, postcards, emails, and skip traces. This will show you if any properties have been sent multiple postcards, multiple emails, or if it's been skip traced more than once.

Maybe it's in two different marketing campaigns, so these are the best ways to identify the redundancies.

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