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How to Manage Your List Automator Summary Boxes

With List Automator, you’re given 10 summary boxes (located across the top of your “My Properties” page beginning with "Vacancy" and ending with "Bankruptcy.") Manage and customize the summary boxes in List Automator to better organize your lists and automation.

To learn more about List Automator's Summary Boxes, check out this video:

Video Transcript: List Automator Summary Boxes

With List Automator, you’ll be given 10 summary boxes located at the top of your “My Properties” page, beginning with "Vacant" and ending with "Bankruptcy." These summary boxes will identify these categories anytime you click on a list within your “My Properties” page. Not only will it identify these categories, but by selecting one of these summary boxes, we will isolate the properties within that specific category. 

Not only can you isolate the properties within the specific category, but you can add more filters to it by selecting the edit icon located at the top right of each summary box. The filter menu for editing summary boxes is very similar to our filter menu on the main search page. Select any additional criteria and then click "Apply."

Aside from being able to isolate and refine these individual categories, you can also completely replace them with your very own criteria. To do so, hit the edit icon feature and clear out the preset criteria. First, rename the box and add a description. Second, apply any filters from the menu. Once you’ve cleared out the preset filters, renamed the box, and added in your custom filters, then click apply. This will completely replace the default summary box.