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Save Time & Close More Deals

PropStream List Automator®

With PropStream's List Automator®, you can finally say goodbye to manual list management and use automated lead generation instead! With List Automator®, you can focus on generating the most up-to-date real estate leads while maximizing your time and money. Plus, unlock other free features!

Lead Lists on Autopilot

propstream list automator

Manually entering data in a spreadsheet isn't efficient in today’s fast-paced world. Updating your offline master lists with new data is time-consuming and increases the risk of entry errors.

Plus, in today's market, where homes are listed and sold within just weeks (or even days), the lag between the information hitting the market and getting to your offline spreadsheets could cost you deals. 

That's where List Automator comes in. Now, you can automate lead generation to save time, money, and energy for what truly matters—closing deals. Whether you're a professional in real estate investing, real estate wholesaling, a real estate broker, or an agent, our platform makes it easy to grow your business.

New Leads In, Old Leads Out —Automatically or Manually!

Rather than sorting through heaps of data, List Automator allows you to set custom list criteria, doing the bulk of your lead generation work and freeing you up to connect with prospects. 

Worried about losing control? Don't be. You can set your List Automator preferences to update your lists as new changes occur automatically or choose to be notified of changes and add or remove leads manually. 

With List Automator, the days of missing potential lead opportunities due to discrepancies between your offline lists and the current data are gone. 
Batch Leads with PropStream's List Automator

Close Deals With Confidence

List Automator also lets you hyper-focus and refine your lists before taking action. The 12 most common filters real estate agents and investors use are preloaded to give you an insightful overview of your data and help you cross-reference your lists before creating your marketing campaigns.
Popular options include:
  • Active on the MLS
  • Sold real estate listings
  • Vacant
  • High equity, low equity, or negative equity
  • Pre-foreclosure or bank-owned
  • Liens and bankruptcies
  • Homes owned free-and-clear
Plus, if the preset filters don’t meet your unique needs, you can easily change them. Choose from PropStream’s 120+ filters to find the right fit for you.

Refresh Your Old Lists

Have an old list that needs to be refreshed? We've got you covered. Simply import your lists and our software will automatically update them daily with the newest information. We will also append any data you may have missing on your lists.

PropStream checks your list and emails you when the list is completed.  The report will show you which contacts were updated successfully and which weren't.

This way, you can easily retarget previous leads using accurate information and never lose them again.

batch refresh your leads with list automator

Get Updates on Properties You Track

real estate property leads

Once you have automated your list using PropStream’s List Automator, you will automatically receive updates about any new properties flowing into that list. You can view this in PropStream by navigating to a list under the ‘Automated Lists’ section and viewing the top bar or by clicking the date tab to sort and see if any new properties have been added.

Get Exclusive Discounts on PropStream’s Marketing Services

When you add List Automator to your current PropStream plan for an additional $27 a month, you will also receive exclusive discounts on skip tracing and postcards. Reduce skip tracing rates from 12¢ to just 10¢ per contact, and send postcards for as low as 48¢ each.

real estate lead generation

Responsive, Reliable, and Ready

With our team at your service, you'll always have a reliable resource to answer your questions and offer expert advice. The world of real estate is forever changing, and we're here to ensure you're always ahead of the curve.

Call us toll-free: (877) 204-9040
Send us an email: support@propstream.com
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Your Questions, Answered!

What is List Automator?

PropStream's List Automator is a powerful feature designed to automate the management of your lead lists in real estate. It efficiently scrubs your lists for accuracy, saving you time and money, and ensures lists are always current.

How does List Automator save time and money?

By automating the lead list management process, List Automator eliminates the need for manual scrubbing and updating. This saves valuable time and reduces costs associated with marketing to outdated leads.

Can List Automator automatically add new leads to my lists?

Yes, List Automator automatically adds new leads that match your specified search criteria to your current list or a different one you have set up. This feature ensures that your lists are constantly enriched with potential leads. You also have the option to receive a notification to review and add new leads to the current list or another list yourself. 

How does List Automator handle old leads that no longer match my criteria?

List Automator can take care of this automatically by removing leads that no longer match your specified criteria or by moving those leads to another list. This proactive approach safeguards your list, maintaining its accuracy and relevance. You also have the option to set up a notification if an old lead no longer matches your criteria to manually remove or move them to another list yourself. 

What if I want to refresh an old list?

We've got you covered! PropStream allows you to import your old lists (e.g., lists from another data provider). You can import any of your lists directly into the contacts section of PropStream, and List Automator will append them with the most current information available, refreshing your lists effortlessly. PropStream automatically notifies you of successful matches and any failures. You'll receive an email once the process is completed, or you can check back anytime. A report detailing successful updates and reasons for failures will be available, aiding in further action or re-attempts.

How often does List Automator update my lists?

List Automator updates your lists daily when new data is available, ensuring you always have the newest and most relevant information at your fingertips.

Is List Automator suitable for lists obtained from other services?

Absolutely! Whether your lists are from another service or generated within PropStream, List Automator seamlessly appends and updates them, providing you with the most accurate information.

Is there any manual input required for List Automator to work?

Once you've set up your criteria, List Automator operates autonomously. There's no need for manual intervention; it works for you, saving you time and effort.

Is there an additional cost to use List Automator?

List Automator is an add-on with PropStream for an extra $27 a month. When you add on List Automator, you get daily list monitoring of up to 2,000 properties each month and the ability to import and append any old or new lists you have. As a bonus when you add on List Automator, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on skip tracing properties from 12¢ to only 10¢ per property and get postcards for as low as 48¢. For more information on pricing view this page here.

How can I get started with List Automator?

Getting started is easy! When you sign up for a 7-day free trial with PropStream you can also get a 14-day free trial of List Automator. Simply explore the List Automator feature within PropStream, set your criteria, and let it work its magic. Your lead lists will be efficiently managed and updated without any hassle.

What is the difference between PropStream’s Saved Search Feature and List Automator?

PropStream's Saved Search Feature remembers your search preferences, so you don't have to keep entering them. Simply set your filters, input your market, and hit "Save Search" to keep it handy above your map. List Automator, on the other hand, automates your property lists, adding relevant properties and removing outdated ones.

Where can I learn more about List Automator?

Join our webinar every Tuesday at 3pm PST with our PropStream experts to get all your questions answered and discover how you can generate leads and automate your lists with List Automator. Click here to join the webinar.

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