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Dec 11, 2023 PropStream

PropStream Quick List Spotlight: Senior Owners

As a real estate professional, you know that inventory and opportunities can be scarce in today’s unpredictable market. To continue thriving and finding new opportunities, you need to be strategic and creative with how and where you source your leads.

Whether you’re an agent, investor, broker, or something else, motivated sellers with off-market properties can be an excellent source for new leads.

One notable demographic of motivated sellers is senior owners.

How can I find senior owner leads?

PropStream has a Quick List that helps you find senior owners in your region in just minutes. This Quick List uses the following criteria to identify senior owners: (i) property ownership exceeding 25 years, (ii) the owner has a senior tax exemption, and/or (iii) there is a current open reverse mortgage for the property.

Keep reading to learn why you should connect with senior homeowners and how to use PropStream’s intuitive filtering capabilities to find them.

Why Senior Owners?

senior homeowners

Since Baby Boomers represent the largest demographic of homebuyers today, helping senior homeowners get rid of their old property so they can move on to their next adventure can be an advantageous strategy.

Senior owners are at a transitional stage in their lives where they are experiencing many life events that may prompt them to move, like:

  • Retirement - After retiring, senior homeowners may want to live where the weather is nicer, and there is more to do for their age group.
  • A new generation - Senior homeowners may want to sell their current property and relocate to be close to their grandchildren.
  • Physical limitations - As homeowners age, they may want to downsize to a property that’s easier to maintain or more handicap accessible. They may even want to move to a type of housing that eliminates the need for outdoor maintenance, like an apartment or condo.
  • Substantial equity - Many senior homeowners stay in their properties for decades, allowing them to either pay off their mortgage or develop a high amount of property equity, prompting them to cash out their equity and relocate.

With so much selling motivation, contacting these homeowners before they list their property can offer fruitful opportunities.

How To Utilize PropStream’s Senior Owner Quick List in 5 Easy Steps

PropStream offers a custom Quick List to help you find these senior owner leads in just a few clicks. Here’s how:


Step 1: Choose your search region 

Step 2: Under the “Filter” dropdown, choose the “Senior Owners” Quick List.

Step 3: Customize your senior owner search with additional filters to find a more specific demographic. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Senior owners with a minimum of 70% property equity
  • Senior owners with a property that can yield a specific amount of estimated rental income (ideal for landlords)
  • Senior owners with homes that have several stories
  • Senior owners facing financial difficulties (e.g., pre-foreclosures, liens)
  • Senior owners with vacant property
  • Off-market properties with senior owners

Step 4: Submit your search preferences and save any potential prospects to marketing lists.

💡Psst! Create several senior owner marketing lists to organize your leads by specific criteria. This will make it easier to create your campaign later on.

Step 5: Perform a skip trace on the lists you’d like contact information for and begin your email or postcard campaign within the platform.

Ready to start building your senior owner lead lists? Take our free Academy course, Niche Down: Senior Owner Lead Generation, to learn more.

Don’t forget to activate your 7-day free trial and follow along!


Published by PropStream December 11, 2023