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Aug 10, 2021 PropStream

Learn How to Drive for Dollars with PropStream Academy's New Course

The launch of the PropStream Academy has been an outstanding success, with real estate entrepreneurs flocking to sign up and pre-enroll for the Academy and its free courses. In conjunction with getting the most out of PropStream’s big-data platform, the PropStream Academy helps investors and agents develop their confidence and knowledge in all things real estate.

Drive for Dollars with the PropStream Mobile App is Now Available

One of the most popular topics for investors is how they can find their next deal on the go by Driving for Dollars using PropStream’s companion mobile app.

Real estate investors drive for dollars when scouting their neighborhoods to find distressed properties they wish to wholesale, flip, or purchase as an investment. Driving for Dollars is not only for investors - savvy agents wanting to find their next client listing can drive for dollars as well!

In our free course Drive for Dollars with the PropStream Mobile App, investors, agents, and their teams will learn the features and benefits of PropStream’s companion mobile app and how to:

  • Target leads
  • View property details 
  • View and run comps
  • Create and edit marketing campaigns
  • Drive for Dollars to find the next deal and more

Enroll for Free Now!

Driving for Dollars is a great way for you and your team to always be on the lookout for a property with telling signs of distress. Look up property characteristics, view the owner's financial situation, run comps, access contact information, and send a postcard, or better yet, make that call!

This course is now available on-demand for you to take at your own pace. You can also enroll and begin our first course, Introduction to Wholesaling.

Be sure to follow our blog and register for our Academy to keep up with the latest course releases! It is all free, and the PropStream community is here to support your ongoing learning in real estate!

Here is a sneak peek of our other upcoming courses:

Don’t forget, once you have completed a course, you can also jump into one of our live webinars to ask our pros questions!

Published by PropStream August 10, 2021