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Jul 19, 2021 PropStream

PropStream Launches Course For Wholesalers On Their New Academy

PropStream is thrilled to announce the launch of the PropStream Academy. The PropStream Academy is a free educational platform for the real estate industry featuring self-paced courses that teach basic strategies, industry terminology, and step-by-step lessons on harnessing the power of PropStream's big data. The Academy allows investors and agents to explore different facets of real estate strategy, and how to successfully apply them utilizing the PropStream platform.

The first course launched in the PropStream Academy is Introduction to Wholesaling, which is free along with all other Academy courses. This course is designed for those seeking a self-paced general overview of wholesaling and provides step-by-step instruction on utilizing the PropStream data platform to close their first wholesale deal.

Within the Introduction to Wholesaling course, you’ll learn about:

  • Common real estate investment strategies including Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and Buy and Hold.
  • How to use the PropStream data platform and companion mobile app.
  • Searching and viewing properties that meet a Wholesaler’s investment criteria.
  • The different search functions, filters, and map-based analytics that PropStream provides to identify up-and-coming markets.
  • Creating and managing property lists.
    Setting up campaigns and marketing to properties.
  • How to use skip tracing, direct mailers, and dedicated landing pages to increase your marketing success.
  • Tips for engaging with homeowners and a free script download.
  • How to use data to close your first wholesale deal by running comps.
  • The benefits and steps to build a team with PropStream.

Each chapter is designed to be self-paced with interactive content, including videos, infographics, and chapter reviews. Students will apply their knowledge with directed action tasks and will end the course with customized searches, targeted marketing lists, ready-to-go campaigns, and the knowledge needed to close their first wholesale deal.

Those who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate verifying they have completed a course through the PropStream Academy.

PropStream recommends this course for new wholesalers, those new to the PropStream platform, and team members.


When you enroll in PropStream’s Introduction to Wholesaling free course make sure to register for a 7-day free trial of the PropStream software to strengthen your practical knowledge of the software.

You can also pre-enroll for our other upcoming courses; Art and Science of Sales Comps and The PropStream Mobile App.

Published by PropStream July 19, 2021