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May 31, 2021 PropStream

5 Ways Brokers Can Get Leads From Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the latest social network techies are buzzing about. Modern real estate brokers are figuring out how to leverage this new app to generate leads.

If Clubhouse is new to you, here’s what you need to know:

  • Clubhouse is an audio-chat app where members can listen in and contribute to live discussions on any number of topics. 
  • Recordings of the chat are not released, so you must be available for the live chat to access it.
  • The app is invitation-only. You can reserve your username, but you can’t activate your account until you get an invite from an active member. 
  • The app is currently available only on iPhones, but an Android version is in process.

You might be wondering how this audio format with no recordings can help you in your real estate business. Here are 5 ways real estate brokers can get leads from Clubhouse.

Networking With Chat Rooms

The first way brokers can generate leads from Clubhouse is by using the platform to network. 

Perhaps you regularly network with property managers, real estate investors, divorce attorneys, or estate agents as part of your strategy to uncover new leads. You’ll likely find networking chats you can join where these professionals are gathered together to discuss ways to send each other referrals. 

Jump in on those chats, introduce yourself and let the room know why they should refer their clients to you.

Hosting Investor Chats

To find new investor leads, host investor chats on Clubhouse. A chat devoted to helping first-time investors get started can bring you brand-new investors. Chats about advanced investing topics like wholesaling, foreclosures, and tax deeds will allow you to demonstrate your expertise and build trust with each room of investors. 

Offering First-Time Homebuyer Seminars

To get new buyer leads, offer first-time homebuyer seminars. You can explain the homebuying process, answer questions, and invite attendees to contact you privately for a custom list of available properties. Make sure you let these buyers know that your industry connections often give you a heads up about off-market leads. By working with you, the buyers attending your seminar could gain a competitive advantage over other buyers in a fierce seller’s market.

Hosting FSBO Workshops 

To get new seller leads, host for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) workshops on Clubhouse. Too many brokers call FSBOs and immediately try to list them. Instead, give local FBSOs real advice about how to sell a home. Tell them how to properly stage and price their home. Let them know how much you spend on listing photos, marketing materials, and advertisements. Give them negotiating tips and explain some of the paperwork. 

Once your FSBOs see how much work, skill, and knowledge is required to sell a home, they’ll want to list, and they’ll trust you because you are the broker who gave them real information.

Moderating Chats About Daily Life in Your Area

Moderating chats about what it’s like to live in your area is especially effective for generating out-of-area leads. If someone is considering moving to your area, they’re naturally curious about what daily life is like there. Moderate chats with local business owners, school teachers, and civil servants, and invite the public to attend these chats via Clubhouse. 

You’ll be able to introduce yourself as the local real estate expert and invite attendees to contact you directly after the chat for more information about moving to the area. 

How to Promote Your Chats

Naturally, you’ll want to invite people to attend your Clubhouse chats. To do that, you can spread the word about your chats on your other social media channels and send email invites to your sphere. 

You can also take your promotion to the next level with Propstream’s targeted list generator. This smart tool allows you to filter properties based on criteria such as:

Then, you can use PropStream’s built-in Skip Tracing feature to find contact information for these owners so you can reach out directly with invites to your chats. Even if the owners on your target list aren’t on Clubhouse, you’ll still be able to invite them to contact you for more information or a free consultation.

Published by PropStream May 31, 2021