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Aug 06, 2020 PropStream

5 Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads

Your real estate business is only ever going to be as prosperous as the leads you can generate. The problem is that where you find leads is always changing. One year, your entire business revolves around people moving in and out of a single neighborhood. The next year, you are focused on selling apartments downtown. The one thing that doesn’t change, however, is the best practices for finding new real estate leads.

Reach Out

Start by reaching out within your community. Attend community events, go to chamber of commerce meetings or get involved with volunteer efforts. This strategy puts your face out in the community and helps people learn that you sell real estate. Similarly, make sure that you are also reaching out within your network. Referrals can be an important source for listings, so don’t be afraid to connect with past clients.

Contact FSBO Listings

Many realtors® have luck contacting people with “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO listings. According to the National Association of Realtors®, these listings typically sell for around 32% less than agent listings. Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for FSBO sellers — and you can help them. Take the time to help a homeowner learn how to price the property more effectively. Exploring comps can help. You can teach them about staging, curb appeal and open houses. Some earnest advice may help you win the listing. Even if it doesn’t, you may discover a home that would be perfect for one of your clients.

Connect With Expired Listings

Treat expired listings like FSBOs. The odds are that the property didn’t sell because the home, building or land was not marketed effectively. You may be able to help the owners of these expired listings take a closer look at their home and explain areas that would improve their odds of a sale. Walk them through the pricing, staging and home repairs that buyers want to see.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Another way to get more real state leads is to position yourself as an expert. Real estate agents tend to know their home cities very well. You may have a good handle on the history of a city or the trends that are shaping a neighborhood. You might even know of new developments in the area. Use that knowledge! Don’t hesitate to take every phone call or speak on the subject of your city when given an opportunity.

Digital Marketing

Real estate digital marketing can also help you get more leads. Consider taking out Facebook ads that target specific demographics or people in certain areas. You can also create different website landing pages or leverage other digital media for connecting with would-be buyers and sellers. An all-in-one solution like Propstream can make it easy for you to create and maintain a strong digital presence.

How to Get Real Estate Leads

Being as successful as a real estate agent requires more than a great headshot and passing your realtor® exam. Without leads, your real estate business isn't going anywhere. Use your expertise and networking skills, along with smart strategies with the listings you target, to gain a foothold in your community. Let PropStream boost your efforts and help you find your next big lead.

Published by PropStream August 6, 2020