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Mar 17, 2021 PropStream

5 Reasons Brokers Need a YouTube Channel

Are you looking for a quick way to set your brokerage apart from the other brokerages in your market? Starting a YouTube channel may be the perfect way to do it.

As of 2020, only around 16% of Realtors were using video hosting websites like YouTube to market their listings. Considering that video was the number one form of media used in marketing content strategies in 2019, the real estate industry seems behind the curve on this marketing technology. 

But it’s not too late. With so few Realtors taking advantage of video marketing, you can still reap all the benefits of getting your videos on YouTube. 

Here are five reasons why brokers need a YouTube channel.

1. Reach a Broad Audience of Buyers and Sellers

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users. And since YouTube is owned by Google, the Google algorithm ranks YouTube videos in Google search results. 

Not all users and Googlers will be looking to buy or sell in your local market. But by creating videos that help educate people on the process of buying and selling real estate, you could gain hundreds of leads that you can refer to out-of-area agents for a referral fee. 

And, of course, you can keep the leads who are buying and selling in your local market.

2. Connect With Your Audience Personally

Video content offers an opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that written content can’t match. In videos, your audience gets to experience your market knowledge, real estate expertise, and personality even before meeting you. 

When you create videos that educate buyers and sellers, these groups start to see you as the real estate expert. You’re able to build trust and rapport with your audience. You can reach buyers and sellers in the early phases when they’re just starting to think about questions like “Do I make enough money to buy a house” or “Is now a good time to sell?” And when they’re ready to make a decision, they’ll come to you because they already feel like they have a connection with you.    

3. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

With YouTube videos, you can capitalize on the broad audience you reach by funneling your viewers to your own website. You could even funnel traffic to one of your PropStream landing pages. Your landing page could be set up with a form to collect your viewers' names and contact information so you can provide them with local market updates or custom home valuations.    

YouTube allows video publishers to post links in the notes and comments. So, while you can share the website or landing page link verbally in the video, you can also include the link in the notes and comments.    

4. Outsource Reliable Video Hosting With YouTube

Hosting videos on your website can slow down your website load times. Not only is this annoying for your viewers, but it can also negatively impact your Google ranking. Load times are one of the factors in the Google algorithm, and if Google sees that you have slow load times, it won’t recommend your site in the search results. 

Instead, host your videos on YouTube, then embed the videos on your own website. You get the benefit of YouTube’s reliable video hosting and you get to keep your website loading quickly.

5. Create an Independent Stream of Income

With earnings of $3–$5 per 1,000 video views from YouTube ads, brokers aren’t likely to make a fortune from YouTube. And that’s fine because your primary reason for posting videos on YouTube is to grow your client base. 

That being said, it’s entirely possible to create a supplementary revenue stream through advertisements and promotions on YouTube. City, neighborhood and luxury property tours can get hundreds of thousands of views. And that ad revenue can be invested right back into your business to generate even more leads.   

Video has taken off as the advertising medium of choice, and now is the time to get your brokerage on YouTube. Launch your channel today and watch your business boom.

Published by PropStream March 17, 2021