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How to Create a Marketing Campaign and Set Up a Landing Page in PropStream

PropStream makes marketing to your leads simple and easy. You can use the included marketing tools to start a new campaign and even set up a website. The editor is intuitive and user-friendly, so you can send your leads a customized landing page in no time! 

To learn more about how to create a marketing campaign in PropStream, check out this video: 

Video Transcript: Start a Campaign and Set Up a Landing Page

To send a postcard or set up a landing page, you must have a "Favorites" or marketing list created. Once you have a list in your favorites or marketing lists folder, go to the “Campaigns” page. The first thing we want to do is start a new campaign by selecting “New Campaign” at the top. Name this campaign and select a lead list from the drop-down menu. 

Once you’ve established your new campaign, you should see it on the left-hand side with all of your other campaigns. The first thing to note is that the name of the campaign will be at the top along with the date it was started. To the right, you’ll find the button to set up your landing page. You get a website specifically for this campaign, so think about it as “this website is designed to catch the attention of this recipient list.” 

Create your landing page by clicking the “Setup Website” button and a popup will appear. This will allow you to change the website name, letting you know if the URL is available. Also, you can designate an email address for receiving notifications if anyone fills out the form on your landing page. There is a checkbox for saving the landing page design as a template for future use followed by the options to start with a completely blank page or a predefined website. Once you make all of your preferred selections, you will be taken to the website editor.

The landing page consists of a header image, logo, up to five pictures in the body, header text, and body text. The header text is designed to capture the audience’s attention. If you select to start with a predefined template, there will already be a banner image on your page. This can be removed by clicking on the image thumbnail, then “Remove.” Add new pictures by dragging and dropping them onto the blank boxes for website images, or click the box to search through your files. 

Use the editing tools to customize your landing page by adjusting the header and body text while uploading all your preferred images. To preview your work, click the “Preview” button. There is also an option to save your progress, so you can continue right where you left off. When you are finished building the page and satisfied with your designs, click “Publish” to make your website live.