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How to Setup Email Campaigns in PropStream

Many people prefer a multi-pronged marketing approach, often mixing traditional and digital formats, which is why PropStream provides both postcard and email marketing solutions. Design your own personalized emails and send them directly to your leads for a competitive low cost with PropStream’s email marketing.

Video Transcript: How to Setup Email Campaigns in PropStream

Thanks for joining us! In this video, we will show how to use the email marketing tools on PropStream, but before we get started, please be sure to like and subscribe below so you can get the latest PropStream updates. 

Get Email Addresses
To send emails with PropStream, first you will need email addresses for your leads. These can be acquired using the integrated skip tracing tool, or users can import contact information on the “Contacts” page. Once those email addresses are in your PropStream account, go to the “Campaigns” page and select “New Campaign” to get started. (Video 1)

Getting Started
Name your marketing campaign, then pick your list from the dropdown menu and click “Save.” Select “Add Activity” and then “Email Marketing” to start designing your messages.

A popup window will appear asking for email settings, be sure to fill out all the information here.

Campaign Name - try to name it something specific to the market and list

Friendly From - this is who the email will appear from

Reply To Email - your recipients can easily get back in touch by replying to your PropStream email marketing campaign. They will not be able to see the email address.

Email Subject Line - a brief, captivating description of your message. We are CAM/SPAM compliant, so certain phrases will be flagged, and you’ll be asked to revise.

Clickthrough URL - provide your website here. No website? No worries! You can set up your own landing page using PropStream. Then we can automatically use that URL.

Delivery Date/Time - if checked, the email campaign will send as soon as possible once ordered. Uncheck this box to schedule your email delivery for a different date, time, or time zone.

Enable Email Template - check this box to save your email design for future use.

Apply Email Template - Start with a blank email to start designing from scratch.Or,
start with a pre-designed email template and select a design you saved into your account or a template that comes preloaded in every PropStream account.

Once your settings have been applied, click “Done” to start designing your email campaign. You can add images, header text, and body text, then review your changes in the live preview to the right.

To remove an image, select the thumbnail, then click “Remove.” To add a new image, hover over the box and select “Browse” to choose a file from your computer.

For the header and body text, you can adjust the font type, size, or color and apply bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough. You can also change the alignment.

Email marketing with PropStream is personalized! Use “Insert Fields” to input information about your recipients directly into the email, so each message can be personalized with the owner’s name and address.

There are also five layout options to choose from, located above the live preview. If you want to drive traffic to your website using PropStream’s email marketing, be sure to select layouts three, four, or five. These designs include a “Learn More” button that will open your website or PropStream landing page when clicked.

After the images and text are complete, you can click “Preview” to send yourself a copy of the email to review. The “Duplicate” option allows you to easily create a copy of your email campaign. “Save” allows you to keep all changes in your account, so if you ever need to log off in the middle of designing an email, you can pick up right where you left off.

Finally, click “Publish” to review your email and finalize your order.

With PropStream, it only costs two cents per delivered email. Review the total cost of your order and finalize the campaign by completing a quick checklist:

  1. Does your email content look correct?
  2. Is your friendly from & reply to correct?
  3. Is your business name and address correct
Once all three boxes are checked, you can place the email order below. Please note that orders are typically processed within 24 hours, and no changes can be made after an order is placed. You can review your email and even find a report by going to the campaign dashboard and clicking on the box that shows the order details.

That’s how you can use PropStream for email marketing to your leads. Thanks for watching our video, and remember to follow us on social media, so you don’t miss out on any of our updates or giveaways.