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How to Send a Postcard On The Go

Sending postcards is a great way to get in front of your leads. Now, you can design and mail postcards straight from your phone thanks to the PropStream mobile app! 
Pro Tip: Want to feature a specific property on your postcard? Take a photo of the property and put it directly on the postcard!

Video Transcript: Postcards on PropStream Mobile

To send postcards through your PropStream mobile app, you want to get to the property details. Once you're in the property details,  tap on the postcard icon. From here, you'll be given several templates to choose from.

Once you've identified a template that you'd like to utilize, tap on the blue arrow just to the right of that postcard template. You'll have multiple sections that you can customize. To customize a section, tap on it and you'll be provided with the ability to insert your own customizable fields like your first name, business information, the homeowner's information, as well as their property information. 

You can also change your font, font size, as well as font colors. Now, after any changes that you make, be sure to hit the "Done" button at the top right to apply those changes. Once you're done customizing your card, tap "Preview Your Postcard" to see a preview of this design. Then hit the "Next" button and answer three important questions: 

Are your text boxes and images within the specified margins? Did you provide your contact information? Finally, are your images clear and high resolution enough for printing? If so, go ahead and tap the checkboxes next to each question to confirm you’ve reviewed the contract. After all the boxes are checked off, you can hit the "Next" button. We will deduct credits from your account and send out this postcard directly to the homeowner's mailing address.